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Affordable iDirect Satellite Internet Plans

When you choose one of Skycasters’ affordable satellite Internet plans, you can be confident you are getting the best value in satellite Internet service there is. Since 2001, Skycasters has been providing Internet, data, and VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) powered by the award-winning iDirect VSAT communications platform developed by VSAT Systems. Because we own our own infrastructure, we can provide highly engineered and customized satellite Internet plans and communications solutions that are not available from any other provider.

Primary connectivity

Start here to view our most popular broadband service plans, listed below. These service levels are specially designed for operations that will use Skycasters services as the primary form of connectivity—like remote businesses, and those in the oil, gas and mining industries.

Government, military & not-for-profits

Receive GSA Schedule discounts on all plans. Have someone contact me to learn more about Skycasters GSA satellite Internet prices.

Compare Satellite Internet Plans

Platinum III: Unsurpassed speed and performance. Unlike companies that make empty promises about transmission speeds, we guarantee a Committed Information Rate (CIR).

Evolution Platinum III Service Plans*
Service Plan Monthly Price $149.00 $199.00 $249.00 $399.00 $499.00 $999.00 $1999.00
MaxIR (down / up)  2.5M /
3.0M /
3.0M /
4.0M /
4.5M /
6.09M /
7.5M /
CIR (down/up)  512k /
640k /
768k /
1.02M /
1.5M /
2.04M /
2.5M /
Static IP Address Included Included Included Included Included Included Included
Throughput allowance (down/up)  1GB 2GB  3GB  5GB
Overage/MB (down/up)  $0.15 /
$0.15 /
$0.15 /
$0.10 /
$0.10 /
$0.10 /
$0.10 /
Minimum Equipment  0.98m /
1.2m /
1.2m /
1.2m /
1.2m /
1.8m /
1.8m /

Gold III: Maximum throughput with maximum value. Guaranteed CIR.

Evolution Gold III Service Plans*
Service Plan Monthly Price $149.00 $199.00 $249.00 $399.00 $499.00 IV $999.00
MaxIR (down/up)  1.5M/256k  1.5M/256k  2.04M/384k  2.5M/512k  2.5M/640k  2.5M/640k 
CIR (down/up)  256k/64k  320k/96k  384k/128k  512k/160k  512k/192k  512k/192k 
Static IP Address Included Included Included Included Included Included
Throughput allowance (down/up)  2 GB  4 GB  6 GB  10GB (8/2)  15GB (12/3)  30GB (24/6) 
Overage/MB (down/up)  $0.10/meg  $0.10/meg  $0.10/meg  $0.10/meg  $0.10/meg  $0.10/meg 
Minimum Equipment  0.98m/2w 1.2m/3w 1.2m/3w  1.2m/6w  1.2m/6w  1.2m/6w 

Silver: Flat rate, unlimited plans. No overages, FAP or throttling. No CIR, but offers a fixed contention ratio of 20:1.

Silver Service Plans – Flat Rate Contended Service
Service Plan Monthly Price $359.00 $675.00 $1,295.00
MaxIR (down/up)   768k/192k 1536k/384k 3072k/768k
Contention Ratio 20:1 20:1 20:1 
GB Equivalent 15.8 31.5 63.1
Minimum Equipment 1.2m/3w 1.2m/3w  1.2m/6w 

Compare Satellite Equipment

iDirect IDU  VSAT X3* VSAT X3* VSAT X3* VSAT X3 
Dish Size  0.98 meter 1.2meter  1.2 meter 1.8meter
BUC Size  2 watt  3watt 6 watt 6 watt
Equipment Price  $899 + frt* $999 + frt* $1,999 + frt $2,899 + frt
Standard Installation  $450 $550 $550 $950
Mount Universal Pen Non-Pen Non-Pen Pole or
Term 2year**  2year** 2 year** 2 year**

Occasional Use, Disaster Response & Business Continuity

Skycasters offers service plans to meet your requirements. Whether you are a first responder looking for reliable mobile broadband, or a business looking for a comprehensive back up solution for business continuity, we can provide satellite service at a price you can afford.

* Infinity Service Plans also available. Ask your sales engineer for details.

* X5 modem also available, ask your sales engineer for details.

** Equipment price shown above reflects $2,000 discount for signing a two-year Platinum III or Gold III service agreement. Early termination fees apply.

We Make it Our Business to Know Yours

We realize every customer is different. And that it can be difficult on your end to understand exactly what you need. Which is why we first take the time to learn as much as we can about your unique set of challenges, and then customize one of our satellite Internet plans to give you the best service at the best price.

Call us at 800-268-8653. Or, take an online analysis of your needs to compare Internet options. We will direct you to one of our satellite Internet plans for the best and most affordable satellite service that meets your unique needs.

Throttled Throughput (Fair Access Policy - FAP) | Service Plan Upgrades

MaxIR – Maximum Information Rate, the maximum speed at which data can be received or transmitted.
CIR – Committed Information Rate, the speed at which we guarantee data can be received or transmitted. We guarantee you will receive 110% of your CIR at least 90% of the time, if not more.
Throughput Allowance – This is the total amount of data that can be transferred up and/or down in a given billing cycle (30 days). Please make sure to review our Fair Access Policy (FAP). There are two options for you to choose from regarding your Throughput Allowance:
Option 1 – If you may need additional throughput some months you may purchase an "unlimited" plan. With this option, you will be billed according to your service plan for any throughput in excess of the plan allowance.
Option 2 – If you prefer flat rate billing, you may choose a "limited" plan. If you exceed your plan's throughput allowance, your connection speeds may be slowed down until your usage is back in profile with the plan.
Note – Both Platinum III & Gold III can be configured as Option 1 or Option 2
Note – Platinum III Service Plan will be optimized for VoIP (1 slot every frame while idle)
Note – Gold III Service Plans will receive 1 slot every 4th frame while idle.
IP Addressing – All plans include 1 publicly routable static IP address. Blocks of 5 or 13 are available. Block of 5 is $30.00. Block of 13 is $60.00. Up to 256 are available if needed at an additional charge. If you need more than 5 IP addresses, your request must be justified in writing to meet ARIN requirements.