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Skycasters VSAT Equipment

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Different businesses. Different needs. One solution.

When it comes to reliable satellite Internet broadband equipment and service, there is only one name you need to know: Skycasters. We are the leading provider of broadband service and equipment for businesses that operate beyond the reach of traditional terrestrial landlines.

Since 2001, Skycasters has been providing Internet, data, and VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) powered by the award-winning iDirect VSAT communications platform developed by VSAT Systems. We have the satellite equipment you need to compete in today’s marketplace, with customized communications solutions that are not available from any other provider.

iDirect X3—Gets business done

Skycasters offers a range of equipment for satellite Internet that support reliable, two-way IP traffic. The workhorse of our satellite Internet equipment fleet is the iDirect X3 Modem.

Optimized for remote Internet access, the iDirect X3 modem is a single box solution, ideal for most remote networking needs. It delivers broadband access up to 150 Mbps downstream and 12.8 Mbps upstream.
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VPN Indoor satellite Internet equipment

Bandit II

We offer VPN equipment for satellite Internet from Encore Networks. The Bandit II is highly reliable and provides a way to encrypt data while still being able to accelerate IP packets over a satellite Internet link. The result is an end-to-end VPN over satellite without the performance limitations inherent in systems designed for terrestrial use.
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Fixed satellite broadband equipment

Skycasters stationary VSAT dishes

Skycasters offers a variety of fixed equipment at your business location, with dishes ranging in size from 1.2m – 1.8m and larger. The bigger dishes provide for better reception in remote areas and support much higher bandwidth service offerings. View our service levels.
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Mobile satellite Internet equipment

VSAT Internet antennas

Skycasters solutions provide mobile satellite for broadband and can be mounted to any truck, SUV, van or other vehicle. Skycasters’ rapid deployment systems are rugged, business-grade products that are designed to be easy to maintain and transport, and are simple enough to use so even untrained personnel can operate them.

We also provide mobile VSAT equipment rental units for short-term and emergency needs. Contact a Skycasters sales engineer for more information. You may also call us at 1-800-268-8653 or start by reviewing our mobile solutions.
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