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03/07/2016 2016 New Technology, New Service Plans from Skycasters
Akron, OH – March 07, 2016 Just in time for Satellite 2016 and the company's 15th anniversary, Skycasters has incorporated exciting new technology allowing the release of new service plans.
02/24/2015 2015 Spring Sun Interference
Akron, OH – February 24, 2015 Sun outages are expected to begin around March 03 and last until roughly March 05, 2015.
02/10/2015 2015 International Disaster Conference and Expo
Akron, OH – February 10, 2015 Skycasters to focus on disaster recovery communications at IDCE in New Orleans.
02/26/2014 2014 Spring Sun Interference
Akron, OH – February 26, 2014 Sun outages are expected to begin around March 02 and last until roughly March 06, 2014.
09/16/2013 2013 Fall Sun Interference
Akron, OH – September 16, 2013 The second round of seasonal outages due to solar radiation are expected to occur from October 6th through the 10th.
02/05/2013 2013 Spring Sun Interference
Akron, OH – February 6, 2013 We are now reaching the time of year when our teleport and our customers experience short solar outages.
02/05/2013 Skycasters Mobile Satellite Trailer
Akron, OH – February 5, 2013 Skycasters, the leader in broadband satellite Internet solutions, announces the roll out of its go-anywhere, do-anything mobile satellite trailer—the MST.
01/28/2012 Skycasters Welcomes Drew Copenhaver
Akron, OH – January 28, 2013 Skycasters is excited to announce the latest member of our team, Drew Copenhaver, Associate Engineer, is joining the engineering team.
01/28/2012 Skycasters Welcomes Jon Cyphert
Akron, OH – January 28, 2013 Skycasters is excited to announce that Jon Cyphert, Support Specialist, will be joining the technical support team.
11/26/2012 Skycasters Welcomes Kara Winters
Akron, OH – November 26, 2012 Skycasters is excited to announce that Kara Winters, Marketing Coordinator, is joining the team!
10/09/2012 Skycasters Welcomes Jason Kennedy
Akron, OH – October 9, 2012 Skycasters is excited to announce that Jason Kennedy, support specialist, is joining the technical support team.
10/04/2012 2012 Fall Sun Interference
Akron, OH – October 4, 2012 We are now reaching the time of year when our teleport and our customers experience short solar outages.
06/07/2012 Skycasters Welcomes William Hines
Akron, OH - June 7, 2012 Skycasters is thrilled to welcome William Hines, the newest addition to technical support. William is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Network Administration with a focus on Cisco technology from Stark State University in Canton.
05/30/2012 Skycasters Welcomes Brian Dykes
Akron, OH - May 30, 2012 Skycasters is pleased to welcome the latest member of the team, Brian Dykes, to the position of teleport systems engineer. Brian is a graduate of Stark State University, Canton, OH, with an Associate degree in automotive engineering technology, and is currently pursuing a B.S. degree in Automated Engineering Technology from the University of Akron.
05/22/2012 Skycasters Receives 2012 Crain’s Leading EDGE Award
Akron, OH - May 22, 2012 For the fifth year in a row, Skycasters is among middle-market businesses awarded with the prestigious 2012 Crain's Leading EDGE Award on May 16. The award was given to 101 companies who create value through growth and job creation in Northeast Ohio.
02/27/2012 Spring 2012 Sun Fade
Akron, OH - February 27, 2012 We've reached that time of the year when everyone experiences a short solar outage because the sun's radiation is overpowering all signals. This is due to the fact that the sun is aligning perfectly with the satellite and the receive antenna.
02/07/2012 Satellite Internet Company Launches 1.8m Trailer
Akron, OH (PRNewswire) February 7, 2012 January marked the official launch of Skycasters' 1.8m trailer, making it the largest such satellite Internet system released by the industry leaders to date. Engineered to be fast, tough and smart, Skycasters' mobile satellite communications trailers can be easily transported to remote locations and establish a communications link in less than ten minutes.
01/23/2012 Skycasters Partners with Ka You Communications on IPReady
Akron, OH (PRNewswire) January 9, 2012 Skycasters, an industry leader in broadband satellite Internet solutions, is pleased to announce they have partnered with Ka You Communications on a turnkey satellite communications solution for EAS CAP compliance.
12/29/2011 Skycasters Adds New Antenna for Expanded Satellite Internet Teleport Infrastructure
Akron, OH - December 29, 2011 Skycasters, an industry leader in broadband satellite Internet solutions, has reached a major milestone in their teleport expansion project, and have erected a new 8.1m uplink antenna. The new antenna has significantly higher gain than their existing 6.3m antennas, and will add additional reliability and redundancy to their expanding satellite Internet teleport infrastructure.
04/21/2011 Flying High with Skycasters
Akron, OH – April 21, 2011 Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, IP Communications Magazines, publisher of online magazines TMCnet and INTERNET TELEPHONY, interviewed Skycasters President, Mike Kister for the March 2011 issue of INTERNET TELEPHONY:
Given companies have come to rely on broadband for many business-critical functions, more applications are moving to the cloud, and it’s important to stay connected when disaster strikes, satellite seems to make more sense today than ever.
03/14/2011 Skycasters Showcases Emergency Response Satellite Internet at the 30th Annual SATELLITE 2011 Conference
Akron, OH (PRNewswire) March 14, 2011 – Skycasters, an industry leader in broadband satellite Internet solutions, will be exhibiting at the 30th Annual SATELLITE 2011 Conference at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center March 15 – 17, 2011.
02/21/2011 Spring 2011 Sun Interference Starts in February
Akron, OH – February 21, 2011 It’s just about that time of year again when the sun is tanning the backside of the satellites and everyone experiences a short solar outage. Called sun interference or sun fade, this occurs when the sun aligns with the satellite and the receive satellite antenna, and the sun’s radiation simply overpowers all other signals.
02/11/2011 ILCHASE Fails Over to Satellite in 2011 Blizzard
Mark, IL – February 11, 2011 In the first three days of this month, the US Central Plains and New England experienced blizzard like conditions, with an average 18 inches of snowfall across the area. Tens of thousands of residents and businesses experienced power and Internet outages. One such business, the Illinois Chasers of Adverse and Severe Weather, or ILCHASE, headquartered in Mark, Illinois, lost its cable Internet access.
01/19/2011 MP Antenna Partners with Skycasters
North Ridgeville, Ohio – January 19, 2011 MP Antenna chose to partner with Skycasters on MP Antenna’s High Gain 2.4 GHz Multi-Polarized Omni-Directional 8dBi WiFi antenna after Skycasters tested and selected the 8dBi for improving its Mobile Satellite Trailer WiFi reach.
08/04/2010 Associate RF Engineer Assists Growing Teleport
Akron, Ohio – August 4, 2010 Eight years as SATCOM asset maintenance supervisor in the Marine Corps in Okinawa and Camp Pendleton, California, and Matthew McCann is jumping right into assisting at one of northeast Ohio’s fastest growing satellite communications teleports. If Matt’s first days on the job are any indication, his hands will be full.
06/24/2010 Skycasters Welcomes Marketing Coordinator Jaclyn Russo
Akron, Ohio – June 24, 2010 Skycasters is pleased to welcome its new Marketing Coordinator, Jaclyn Russo, a 2010 graduate of Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a Marketing Specialization.
06/17/2010 Matthew Vasko, Sales Engineer, Joins Skycasters
Akron, Ohio – June 17, 2010 Skycasters is pleased to welcome Matt Vasko as sales engineer. A 2010 graduate of Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio, 2010 semi-finalist in the National Collegiate Sales Competition, and a summer and winter holiday intern at Skycasters, Matthew has both excellent credentials in sales, as well as experience within Skycasters.
Akron, Ohio – June 9, 2010 On Tuesday, June 8, 2010, Skycasters made history when we placed two copies of a 218-page proposal in the hands of the United States Postal Service, destination: the USDA RUS Broadband Initiatives Program in Washington, DC.
05/24/2010 Skycasters Figures Out How to Say “Yes”
Akron, Ohio – May 24, 2010 For the third year running, Skycasters is among middle-market businesses awarded with the prestigious 2010 Crain's Leading EDGE Award. Kirk Neiswander, President of The Entrepreneurs EDGE, said, “In arguably one of the worst economic downturns experienced in a lifetime, middle-market companies may very well be the antidote for an ailing Northeast Ohio regional economy.”
04/05/2010 Indiana DHS Takes Skycasters to the 2010 NCAA Final Four
Akron, Ohio – April 5, 2010 Fans at this weekend’s Final Four NCAA playoffs in Indianapolis, Indiana, have been under the watchful eye of the many behind the scenes safety personnel, including the Indiana Department of Homeland Security.
03/31/2010 Got a Tornado Proof Shelter? Got an MST in There?
Akron, Ohio – March 31, 2010 Tornado season starts January 1st, and ends December 31st. There’s no time of the year a tornado is not possible. That being said, spring and summer are when most tornados occur across the USA.
03/18/2010 Need 15 to 100 Gigabytes Throughput This Month? We’ve Got It.
Akron, Ohio – March 18, 2010 Energy companies, horse racing venues, technology consultants, departments of Homeland Security, and resorts are examples of your typical mid-sized organization. Skycasters customers who require 15 to 100 gigabytes of data throughput each month are just this type of organization. Nothing remarkable, other than the fact that they’re remote (or urban with a continuity of operations plan), and they know how much bandwidth it takes to run their operation.
01/29/2010 A First Responder Must-Have: The Installation Consumables Kit
Akron, Ohio – January 29, 2010 Picture this: you’re arriving in country by military transport. The once thriving metropolis has been nearly leveled by whatever disaster: hurricane, tsunami, earthquake, cyclone, terrorist – you name it. Quite naturally, events that shatter buildings and lives also decimate the communications infrastructure.
12/08/2009 Skycasters In My View Article in December 2009 SatMagazine
Akron, Ohio - December 8, 2009 Skycasters' Gordon Landefeld describes Skycasters' solution to the United States' broadband dilemma ... and the charge for the whole SATCOM industry, in the December 2009 SatMagazine.
12/08/2009 Skycasters Review of 2009 in December 2009 SatMagazine
Akron, Ohio - December 8, 2009 Skycasters' Mike Kister describes Skycasters' 2009 successes, and looks forward to 2010, in the December 2009 SatMagazine.
11/20/2009 PowerStream Partners with Skycasters for Streaming "Gettysburg Address"
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania - November 20, 2009 Read here the press release from PowerStream, of Troy, Michigan, announcing their technology partnership with Skycasters yesterday morning, prior to their streaming of the delivery of the Gettysburg Address at Dedication Day in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on the 146th anniversary of President Lincoln's address. 2009 is the 200th anniversary of President Lincoln's birth.
11/05/2009 Skycasters In The News: on StimulatingBroadband
Cohasset, Massachusetts - November 5, 2009 Utah Broadband Stimulus: Gov. Herbert Recommends Navajo Nation ISP & 9 Other Applicants for Federal Broadband Funds. Okay, the title of the article says "Utopia," but NNISP Action Intelex is double billed with Skycasters starting on page two.
11/04/2009 Skycasters In The News: on TMCnet
Norwalk, Connecticut - November 4, 2009 Skycasters' Landefeld Suggests Satellite Plan for Broadband Stimulus Movement.
11/03/2009 Skycasters In The News: on SatNews Daily
Truckee, California - November 3, 2009 Stimulus By Satellite Plan For U.S. Suggested By Skycasters' Landefeld.
10/09/2009 Tripod Flyaway Helps Kentucky Treat Citizens Fast
Akron, Ohio - October 9, 2009 The Kentucky Department for Public Health’s Preparedness Branch can now transmit public health information anywhere a truck or helicopter can reach -- with a satellite dish. But not just any satellite dish. This Skycasters 1.2 meter auto-pointing dish finds the satellite on its own. One person can take the four boxes out of a vehicle, assemble the dish and electronics, turn it on, and connect to the Internet.
10/09/2009 Skycasters 24/7 Tech Support Changed Customer Service Climate
Akron, Ohio - October 9, 2009 The Nobel laureate staff in Oslo did not call Skycasters this morning with the news that it had won the Nobel Customer Service Prize. Technical Support Shift Supervisor Sam Corbin was not dismayed. “Awards and prizes are nice, but the only recognition that matters is the satisfaction of our customers. If a customer calls our Technical Support department, and we handle their issue courteously, accurately and as quickly as possible, and the customer is satisfied, then that is all the recognition our team needs.”
09/18/2009 Fiat Lux ... But Not That Much!
Akron, Ohio - September 18, 2009 The autumnal equinox commences the Northern hemisphere's Fall Sun fade season, that period of time when for several minutes of one or more days, the sun’s brilliance outshines communications satellites.
08/21/2009 Rest Easy: Daily Flat Rate Plan for Disaster Responders
Akron, Ohio - August 21, 2009 “All year long, our emergency satellite dish sits on its skid in our parking garage tornado room. Except for bimonthly tests and community drills, it’s idle.”

"We hear that a lot" said Matt Glaize, a sales engineer with Skycasters. “Disaster Response customers know their Skycasters service will be there when needed..."
07/17/2009 SuperVPN Gives Skycasters' Customers a Hybrid Solution
Akron, Ohio - July 17, 2009 Virtual private networks, or VPNs, afford companies who use the Internet for data transfer security approaching that of a leased line, without a leased line’s expense. Skycasters has long provided its broadband satellite Internet clients various VPN solutions, including the maximum security end-to-end VPN, for their satellite communications.
06/26/2009 Satellite Managed Network Services Blast Off
Akron, Ohio - June 26, 2009 The 2009 “State of the Satellite Industry Report” prepared by Fultron Corp for the Satellite Industry Association reports that worldwide managed network services, including VSAT broadband satellite Internet, which is Skycasters’ arena, doubled in revenue in the past five years. Skycasters is seeing whole new sectors open up.
06/18/2009 Workhorse Wildland Fights Fires with Skycasters
Columbia Falls, Montana – June 18, 2009 Fire season has started. Droughts and a weakening La Niña are making the northern Rockies one big tinder box. But fire incident management teams in Montana have a leg up on communications thanks to Workhorse Wildland Fire Services LLC, and their Skycasters 1.2 meter broadband satellite Internet antenna.
06/18/2009 Pop-Up Hurricanes Come At You Fast – Are You Ready?
Somewhere Not Far Off the US Coast - June 18, 2009 The National Hurricane Center is predicting fewer “named” storms this hurricane season. That’s the good news. The bad news is a different type of meteorological threat is on the horizon – pop-up hurricanes.
06/09/2009 WatchModsLive.Com To Offer USMTS Events Live Online In Real Time
Fort Worth, Texas - June 9, 2009 will begin providing live feeds of United States Modified Touring Series events beginning June 9 as the stars and cars of the USMTS Southern Series hit the trail for the 3rd Annual Southern Speedweek.
06/04/2009 Mainland High School Takes Top Honors in International Science and Technology Fair
Daytona Beach, FL - June 4, 2009 Mainland High School took top honors with “Suitable for a Disaster,” which described wearable sensors linked with disaster response communications infrastructure, in the U.S. Department of Commerce's 12th Annual Internet Science and Technology Fair (ISTF), a program administered by the College of Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Central Florida in partnership with the United States Department of Commerce.
05/29/2009 SpeedcastTV Takes Skycasters to the Races
New Castle, Indiana – May 29, 2009 Karting fans the world over will be viewing the SpeedcastTV ( streaming race video from the inaugural Championship Karting International Grand Prix at New Castle Motorsports Park, near Indianapolis, this weekend, May 29 – 31, 2009. And Skycasters will be there.
05/18/2009 Skycasters Receives 2009 Crain's Leading EDGE Award
Akron, Ohio – May 18, 2009 Skycasters, America’s leader in broadband satellite Internet solutions for customers who need guaranteed bandwidth and reliable internet access, and recipient of the 2008 Crain's Leading EDGE Award, is pleased accept the 2009 Crain's Leading EDGE Award.
05/18/2009 Skycasters Welcomes Robert Miller, Network Security Engineer
Akron, Ohio – May 18, 2009 Skycasters is pleased to welcome Robert Miller as a Network Security Engineer. Robert and will be assisting the Network Operations Center IT department. Robert starts May 18, 2009.
05/04/2009 Thomas Reed, Network Administrator, Joins Skycasters
Akron, Ohio – May 4, 2009 Skycasters is pleased to welcome Thomas Reed to its headquarters IT staff. Tom has accepted the position of Network Administrator, and will be assisting the Network Operations Center IT department of Satventures Management. Tom starts May 4, 2009.
04/17/2009 Throughput Hawks of Broadband Satellite Internet
Akron, Ohio – April 17, 2009 Malware, ever smarter and more virulent, haunts the Internet, and broadband satellite Internet customers are not immune. On satellite connections, after moisture infiltration, corrosion, or antennas blown off alignment, malware is the leading cause of poor connection or throughput theft. Skycasters, the Akron, Ohio, leader of broadband satellite Internet and business connectivity, monitors customers’ throughput like a hawk, helping customers determine excessive throughput causes and solutions.
04/02/2009 Rough Riders Communications Partners with Skycasters
Akron, Ohio – April 2, 2009 In the oil and gas fields of western Oklahoma, Rough Riders LLC is known as a high tech oilfield service provider. In addition to permanent and movable site housing, fresh and grey water handling, and septic systems and service, Rough Riders excels in site data and voice communications. Their military-trained networking and satellite communications staff spreads WLAN, satellite Internet and VoIP communications throughout the oil patch.
03/27/2009 Skycasters Interviews Mike Kister at Satellite 2009
Washington, D.C. – March 27, 2009 Our President Mike Kister attended the Satellite 2009 show in Washington, D.C., this week, and Skycasters was inspired by a recent interview of another satellite firm executive.
03/18/2009 Skycasters Chooses Access Techniques for Biometric Security
Akron, Ohio – March 18, 2009 “Just put your finger on it,” quips Skycasters’ President, Mike Kister, as he demonstrates the new biometric security system guarding the broadband satellite Internet firm based in Akron, Ohio.
Washington, D.C. – March 11, 2009 “Hi, my name is Mike Kister, President of Skycasters, a broadband satellite Internet provider from Akron, Ohio, and we’re ready to implement ISP backhaul, connect education to the Internet through the E-Rate program, and help secure healthcare communications reach the most underserved communities.”
Akron, OH – March 10, 2009 "... Skycaster[s'] President Michael Kister is pushing his company’s solution to government customers. 'There are funds available [in the bill] to build Wi-Fi networks to connect small communities that were previously ‘off the grid’ as far as the Internet is concerned,' he said. ..."
03/02/2009 Blinded by the Light: Satellite Sun Outages
Akron, OH – March 2, 2009 For a few minutes each day for several days in the Spring and Fall, satellite connectivity is interrupted by a phenomenon known as Sun fade.
Akron, OH – February 20, 2009 Skycasters, America’s leader in broadband satellite Internet solutions for businesses that need more than traditional terrestrial landlines, answers President Obama’s challenge to help build a stronger America.
11/20/2008 Skycasters Unveils Web Site Total Makeover
Akron, OH – November 20, 2008 Things have been a-changing here at Skycasters, America’s leader in broadband satellite Internet solutions. While offering the same great service of guaranteed bandwidth, tailored to its customers’ needs, Skycasters’ latest branding initiative includes a web site with a whole new look.
10/06/2008 Skycasters Offers 24/7 Tier II In-House Support
Akron, OH – October 6, 2008 Today, Skycasters, America’s leader in broadband satellite Internet solutions, upgraded its Tier I after hours answering service to true 24/7 Tier II in-house technical support.
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