MP Antenna Partners with Skycasters

North Ridgeville, OH – January 19, 2011 MP Antenna chose to partner with Skycasters on MP Antenna’s High Gain 2.4 GHz Multi-Polarized Omni-Directional 8dBi WiFi antenna after Skycasters tested and selected the 8dBi for improving its Mobile Satellite Trailer WiFi reach.

Many Mobile Satellite Trailer customers use mobile wireless devices including laptops, VoIP phones, and SCADA control devices. It’s not always possible to park a satellite trailer right at the scene of action, due to necessity to “see” the satellite from the trailer’s position. So ample WiFi hotspot diameter is important.

Skycasters’ RF Engineer Mario Tomaselli described Skycasters’ choice of the HG antenna, “We’ve been looking for a way to improve the wireless signal at distances as far as a thousand feet from the trailer. We chose MP Antenna’s product because they’re based in Ohio, the antenna is reasonably priced, and in our field evaluation where we ran comparison tests with a comparable antenna, the Omni out-performed the other antenna.”

That’s Skycasters’ story, but just the beginning of the story for MP Antenna because Skycasters modified the HG antenna to fit the Mobile Satellite Trailer’s WiFi antenna mast, and showed the modification to MP Antenna. MP Antenna liked the modification so much they created a new part number for it, and sends Skycasters the antennas when another customer wants a similar modification.

“MP Antenna was founded just a few years ago because we innovated antennas no one else had,” said Mark Ardire. “So we’re very interested in partnering with customers who tweak our product in such a way it becomes that much more useful. We’re already getting inquiries on this modification, and that’s exciting.”

About MP Antenna

MP Antenna develops and manufactures Multi-Polarized antennas that enhance the performance of all wireless deployments. These single feed, passive antennas transmit and receive signals in all polarizations. The patented 3D designs include built in spatial diversity and create a broad signal pattern that permeates obstructions improving real world wireless coverage. Contact MP Antenna at, or call 877-678-3243.

About Skycasters

Skycasters is a leader in broadband satellite Internet solutions for businesses and first responders that need help from above when terrestrial land lines are either not available, or disabled. Everything in Skycasters’ infrastructure, including teleports, hubs, and the network operating center, is business-grade and company-owned. Even the equipment at your location is business-grade, and designed to meet the unique challenges of your industry, no matter how rugged the conditions. Skycasters’ 24/7 tech support and customer service in-house experts can resolve any issue that may arise.

Call Skycasters at 800-268-8653, or visit us on the web at

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