Mobile Satellite Trailer from Skycasters Showcases the Art of Practical Engineering

AKRON, Ohio – Feb. 5, 2013–Skycasters, a leader in broadband satellite Internet solutions, announces the roll out of its go-anywhere, do-anything mobile satellite trailer—the MST. Third generation and built in America, it is the latest in the company’s line of mobile and portable solutions that are engineered to be smarter, faster, and tougher than any other solutions on the market. The Skycasters MST provides true broadband speeds for Internet, voice and video, and is designed to be so easy to use, even untrained personnel can use it to establish a wireless hotspot in less than 10 minutes.

The MST employs the latest iDirect Evolution X5 communications platform, the same one used by the U.S. Government, to provide a connection to the U.S. Internet backbone. It is designed around performance-grade electronics and power components, including a 1.2m iNet satellite dish, and GPS-guided controller, 1,000 foot radius wireless LAN antenna, and a whisper-quiet Honda generator with a built-in inverter that eliminates power surges. The unit also features a power-coated aluminum frame that is rugged and durable, but light enough to be towed by a small vehicle.

“This is what happens when you believe in the art of practical engineering,” says Skycasters President Mike Kister. “We designed the MST for high stake missions such as emergency response, disaster relief and homeland security, so they can get to the site and set up quickly. All it takes to connect is the push of a button—no laptop required. The chassis is wilderness tough and the electronics are robust, reliable and scalable. It is the best value on the market today for mobile broadband service.”

To request a free DVD that shows just how easy the Skycasters’ MST is to use, or call 1-800-268-8653. About Skycasters

Skycasters has been an industry leader in VSAT technology since 2001. The company delivers fast, reliable broadband satellite Internet access, secure VPNs, mobile and portable satellite Internet, and corporate data services to customers around the world using three geostationary satellites for coverage virtually everywhere in the western hemisphere.

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