ILCHASE Fails Over to Satellite in 2011 Blizzard

Mark, IL – February 11, 2011 In the first three days of this month, the US Central Plains and New England experienced blizzard like conditions, with an average 18 inches of snowfall across the area. Tens of thousands of residents and businesses experienced power and Internet outages. One such business, the Illinois Chasers of Adverse and Severe Weather, or ILCHASE, headquartered in Mark, Illinois, lost its cable Internet access.

Fortunately, ILCHASE had its mobile command center, called MOOCH, parked outside. The MOOCH, equipped with a Skycasters 0.95 meter iNetVu autopointing satellite antenna, was quickly brought on line, and the MOOCH supplied Internet and communications to ILCHASE for several days. Even with the storm’s winds gusting to more than 45 mph, the system worked flawlessly.
ILCHASE MOOCH mobile command center was there during the 2011 Blizzard
“We were very excited last year when Skycasters agreed to sponsor ILCHASE by helping us outfit the MOOCH with satellite broadband Internet,” said Keenan Campbell, founding partner of ILCHASE. “Little did we suspect that the very technology we set up to report on ferocious storms would be there when our very headquarters was in peril of being cut off from the world. 24/7 communications is our lifeblood. That’s how we run our business.”

“Our customers use our satellite services for a variety of purposes, including primary Internet connection; video, radio or voice over IP; disaster response; and business continuity,” said Gordon Landefeld, Skycasters’ Marketing Analyst. “We’re so pleased that ILCHASE had the satellite connection available when their terrestrial Internet connection failed. We often say that if your business has a generator out back, you need a satellite dish on the roof. Now I guess we can include ‘your mobile command center’ in that statement.”


Founded in 2000, ILCHASE utilizes a research-based approach to storm chasing. Our team provides all weather data, video, and information we capture to any and all government agencies, universities and other research organizations completely free of charge. Drawing on years of experience and an extended network of weather & technology specialists, we are constantly looking for new innovations to help weather hobbyists. We provide storm footage to major television networks, and conducts spotter training seminars at local levels to assist government and the general public with storm spotting. We have vast experience in giving weather presentations for schools and corporations. Visit ILCHASE at

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