Need 15 to 100 Gigabytes Throughput This Month? We’ve Got It.

Akron, Ohio – March 18, 2010 Energy companies, horse racing venues, technology consultants, departments of Homeland Security, and resorts are examples of your typical mid-sized organization. Skycasters customers who require 15 to 100 gigabytes of data throughput each month are just this type of organization. Nothing remarkable, other than the fact that they’re remote (or urban with a continuity of operations plan), and they know how much bandwidth it takes to run their operation.

The only difference is that these customers have determined guaranteed bandwidth is required to run their business. Many commercial customers don’t have a good feel for their monthly throughput requirements, but satellite broadband Internet customers must. Satellite resources are limited. But commerce requires Internet, and sometimes a suitable terrestrial link is just not available.

So they get satellite, and often start with a consumer grade carrier.

“We had 50 sites with the consumer product,” said one energy customer. “But at peak usage times, their service dwindled to nothing. Kaput,” he squeezed his forefinger and thumb together. “Can’t run a business like that. Skycasters has a true commercial product that has guaranteed minimums. My systems need X each day, so I get the plan that covers 1.5X. Even if that site goes over X, we’re covered.”

A general manager of a southwestern US tourist destination told us, “Our resort has various sites that have different needs. Different Skycasters service plans work for each site. One site has two big dishes, and another has the mobile satellite trailer. We can easily use 80 gigabytes per month – no big deal.” He paused. “Yeah, I know. It’s expensive. But it’s part of our business. It’s worth every penny.”

And so is their anonymity. Streaming media companies like PowerStream and SpeedcastTVlove extra publicity, but energy companies and government agencies avoid it. It’s just not in their best interest.

What is in their best interest is a powerful Internet connection that pumps data up and down without slowing – anywhere they do business. In the mountains. In the desert. In the midst of vast tracts of farmland. At the scene of a disaster. Anywhere terrestrial solutions just don’t work.

Do you need 15 to 100 gigabytes of data this month? We’ve got it.

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Skycasters is a leader in broadband satellite Internet solutions for businesses and first responders that need help from above when terrestrial land lines are either not available, or disabled. Everything in Skycasters’ infrastructure, including teleports, hubs, and the network operating center, is business-grade and company-owned. Even the equipment at your location is business-grade, and designed to meet the unique challenges of your industry, no matter how rugged the conditions. Skycasters’ 24/7 tech support and customer service in-house experts can resolve any issue that may arise.

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