Skycasters Interviews Mike Kister at Satellite 2009

Washington, D.C. – March 27, 2009 Our President Mike Kister attended the Satellite 2009 show in Washington, D.C., this week, and Skycasters was inspired by a recent interview of another satellite firm executive:

Skycasters: How will Skycasters keep the momentum going this year and in the future?

Mike Kister: We are offering more flexible plans to customers ranging from telecommuters to enterprises, specifically to first responders; oil, gas & mining concerns; business contingency planners; and businesses off the broadband grid but needing world class access. Our long-term success will continue to be built on a simple philosophy of listening to our customers and keeping our promises.

S: What new things specifically can we expect from Skycasters in 2009?

MK: President Obama has asked Skycasters to step up to the challenge to make broadband Internet available across the United States for remote communities, schools and healthcare, for both day-to-day use and operations continuity — and we’re ready to help get the job done.

S: What does the VSAT industry have to do to remain competitive with established and evolving terrestrial alternatives?

MK: VSAT is less and less about the Internet and more and more about connectivity. Vast opportunities will always exist for the competitive player. As better-equipped satellites are launched, the VSAT industry needs to broaden the offering beyond the typical Internet connection.

S: What do satellite operators need to do to support the continued growth of VSAT-based broadband solutions?

MK: Of course, providers will try myriad LEO solutions, but I’m confident the geosynchronous bird will remain the lowest cost technology. With the recent launch of some new, high performance Ku satellites, we are hopeful that the capacity crunch will begin to ease. Our industry has a critical role to play in providing the infrastructure that will build this nation’s future. That infrastructure’s backbone is provided by our friends at Intelsat, Telesat, and SES-Americom.

S: When you’re not going about your life as the president of Skycasters, how do you like to relax?

MK: I’m an avid pro-ball fan. Northeast Ohio has some great teams, both in the majors and the minor leagues. Hey, with LeBron James just up the street, what more excitement do you need?

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