Skycasters Welcomes Teleport Systems Engineer Brian Dykes

Akron, OH – May 30, 2012 Skycasters is pleased to welcome the latest member of the team, Brian Dykes, to the position of teleport systems engineer. Brian is a graduate of Stark State University, Canton, OH, with an Associate degree in automotive engineering technology, and is currently pursuing a B.S. degree in Automated Engineering Technology from the University of Akron. The tools and the knowledge he gained from these programs as well as his ability to analyze tough situations to make important decisions will make Brian a great asset to the Skycasters team.

Brian brings with him to Skycasters the analytical and communication skills he acquired from past work experiences. His experience designing and maintaining complex systems, such as the assembly line at Malco Productions Inc., will prove valuable as he makes the transition into Skycasters.

At Skycasters, Brian will be responsible for all aspects of the teleport systems, including trouble- shooting, maintenance, and repair. Brian will also become familiar with the catastrophic emergency procedures should the need arise. FCC part 25 training, as well as RF system safety will be an important part of his job. While working at Skycasters, Brian’s duties will include monitoring and controlling all the teleport equipment, in addition to the care and maintenance of the power distribution system. He will be in charge of the general operation and the maintenance of all of Skycasters’ facilities. Finally, Brian will also assist the Research and Development team with testing, assembling and shipping of the mobile satellite units.

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