Skycasters Welcomes Technical Support Specialist William Hines

Akron, OH – June 7, 2012 Skycasters is thrilled to welcome William Hines, the newest addition to technical support. William is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Network Administration with a focus on Cisco technology from Stark State University in Canton. His critical thinking and problem solving skills gained from his education, as well as knowledge of operating systems, firewall and network security, and programming, will allow him to evaluate customer issues and determine the proper course of action at Skycasters.

William is also CompTIA A+ certified, which confirms his competency of information technology skills. As part of the certification, William’s professionalism and communication skills were also tested. These communication skills will make William an asset to the Skycasters technical support team as he talks directly with customers to understand their needs and convey appropriate solutions.

While working at the technical support department, William will take customer calls and help resolve their issues. If a customer experiences a data transmission overage issue, William will analyze the situation to determine the cause of the problem. In addition, he will monitor all networks and conduct cross-polarization tests to make sure that a customer’s satellite dish is pointing correctly towards the satellite.

About Skycasters, LLC:

Skycasters is a leader in broadband satellite Internet solutions for businesses and first responders that need help from above when terrestrial land lines are either not available, or disabled. Everything in Skycasters’ infrastructure, including teleports, hubs, and the network operating center, is business-grade and company-owned. Even the equipment at your location is business-grade, and designed to meet the unique challenges of your industry, no matter how rugged the conditions. Skycasters’ 24/7 tech support and customer service in-house experts can resolve any issue that may arise.

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