Satellite Managed Network Services Blast Off

Akron, Ohio – June 26, 2009 The 2009 “State of the Satellite Industry Report” prepared by Fultron Corp for the Satellite Industry Association reports that worldwide managed network services, including VSAT broadband satellite Internet, which is Skycasters’ arena, doubled in revenue in the past five years. Skycasters is seeing whole new sectors open up.

Skycasters’ VP and General Manager Vickie Mussomeli describes the opportunity: “We’re serving clients in telemedicine; disaster response; oil, gas and mining; and business continuity. The docs are prepping EMS units, first responders are thinking about hurricanes and wildfires, the oil patch is increasing its use of SCADA site monitoring equipment to control all those resources from their HQs, and business owners are witnessing scenarios in the real world where terrestrial connections are getting severed left and right. There’s nowhere to go but up,” she quipped, pointing toward the geosynchronous satellites.

From a movie production crew in the Caribbean, mobile trailers serving both disaster response teams and petroleum explorers, and even companies streaming live video from race tracks across the country, creative entrepreneurs are joining mainstream business owners in choosing satellite broadband Internet as more than a way to solve a communications conundrum – as a way to use communications to generate profit, and insure terrestrial connections.

“It’s there when you need it,” said one customer who asked not to be identified. “We’ve got multiple, sensitive locations across one part of the US, and we’ve upgraded from another satellite vendor because we like Skycasters’ model.”

“The CIR is a big selling point,” Vickie said about customers already familiar with satellite communications. CIR is Skycasters’ guaranteed bandwidth that ensures you’re at speed anytime of the day.

About Skycasters

Skycasters is a leader in broadband satellite Internet solutions for businesses, including disaster first responders, that need more than traditional terrestrial landlines. Everything in Skycasters’ infrastructure, including teleports, hubs, and the network operating center, is business-grade and company-owned. The equipment at your location is business-grade, and designed to meet the unique challenges of your industry, no matter how rugged the conditions. Skycasters’ 24/7 tech support and customer service in-house experts can resolve any issue that may arise.

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