Rest Easy: Daily Flat Rate Plan for Disaster Responders

Akron, Ohio – August 21, 2009 “All year long, our emergency satellite dish sits on its skid in our parking garage tornado room. Except for bimonthly tests and community drills, it’s idle.”

“We hear that a lot” said Matt Glaize, a sales engineer with Skycasters. “Disaster Response customers know their Skycasters service will be there when needed, but the month-to-month at the traditional rate gets some of them to scratch their heads and ask why. Consistently customers have said they’d rather budget a lot for the time of emergency, but pay more of a disaster insurance rate while the unit is waiting in the wings.”

Skycasters’ President Mike Kister said, “Just like broken arms and fender benders, hurricanes, earthquakes and plane crashes are rare. There has to be a better way, right? The better way is paying a low monthly rate, and then a flat rate for every day of usage over 10 megabytes.”

Matt explained, “Essentially, Disaster Response customers are paying for a lot of bandwidth they rarely use. With the Daily Flat Rate Plan, they can test the system without triggering the daily rate. They know we’re there, but they’re leaving nothing on the table.”

“This plan isn’t for all Disaster Responders,” Matt Glaize concluded. “Some still want to know the maximum bandwidth will be there. Our other Disaster Response plans provide that. But for those who anticipate using this amount of bandwidth to get the job done, we’re responding to you.”

Starting this month, Skycasters’ Daily Flat Rate Plan for Disaster Response is available to government agencies, charities, non-profits, and other first responding customers who can verify their disaster response objectives. The Daily Flat Rate Plan gives you a standard or high-speed connection, with a daily use fee. With a confirmed information rate, your team always has bandwidth. With a flat rate, your accountants don’t sweat excessive use.”

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