Skycasters Offers 24/7 Tier II In-House Support

Akron, OH – October 6, 2008 Today, Skycasters, America’s leader in broadband satellite Internet solutions, upgraded its Tier I after hours answering service to true 24/7 Tier II in-house technical support.

Ensuring that business and residential customers who are off the grid are not out of touch since 2001, Skycasters has a tradition of changing its business model in response to customer feedback. Since its earliest days as a broadband reseller, Skycasters’ customers had been asking for guaranteed bandwidth, so Skycasters delivered in 2003.

Similarly, Skycasters’ has understood since its inception in 2001 that service after hours was the hallmark of a service-oriented firm. Customers’ businesses were increasingly communicating on the Internet with colleagues and customers in other parts of the world. Since day one, Skycasters has offered 24/7 Tier I support, and Tier II support during business hours, six days a week. Tier I after hours support permitted customers to relay their needs to a person, and any questions Tier I couldn’t answer were followed up the next day by a Tier II agent.

However, customers were increasingly requiring cross polarization and connections after hours, and demanding more of their broadband satellite internet equipment than ever before. The outsourcing company that provided Skycasters’ Tier I support could neither provide technical answers, nor provide basic satellite services such as cross polarization and connection.

As part of its 2008 customer service plan, Skycasters resolved to offer customers true 24/7 support with Skycasters’ own staff of highly-trained Tier II technical support agents. These in-house representatives help customers and service technicians in the middle of the night, as well as during the day.

Customers frankly can’t believe it. A broadband satellite Internet firm whose after hours tech support are not overseas? Prospective customers regularly call our 24/7 Tier II technical support staff, checking our availability and asking difficult questions, and are consistently impressed enough to confirm their VSAT orders with Skycasters.

You can now be sure that when having your new broadband satellite Internet system installed, or just needing to ask a question about your usage, Skycasters is ready to answer your question, day or night. Call Skycasters’ Tier II tech support at 1-800-268-8502 FREE, or call 800-268-8653 FREE to speak with the Skycasters sales team. Also, please visit us on the web at

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