1.2 Meter Dish—Mobile Satellite Internet Solutions

Skycasters ensures customer connectivity with its mobile solutionsSince the inception of the mobile satellite internet industry, the 1.2 meter satellite dish system has remained the standard among high-end enterprise and government organizations. The primary reason for this is two-fold: bandwidth scalability and coverage area.

With a 1.2 meter satellite dish, customers have the option of nearly every iDirect®-based service plan that Skycasters offers. Anyone familiar with the satellite industry knows that the antenna size has a direct correlation with bandwidth capability, especially with regard to upload capacity. In order to compensate for atmospheric weather conditions while retaining extreme bandwidth rates, a 1.2 meter dish can be paired with a number of different BUC sizes for unparalleled performance and almost zero data loss. For customers that need the highest bandwidth rates, the 1.2 meter dish system is ideal.

Venture Far with Your 1.2 Meter Dish

Skycasters ensures customer connectivity with its mobile solutionsIn addition to performance and satellite internet service plan flexibility, the 1.2 meter dish allows users to travel further into the perimeter of the satellite coverage footprint. For any clients that venture to the northern regions of Canada or southern regions of lower Central America, a 1.2 meter satellite dish is a necessity.

Mobile Solution – iNetVu 1200

The Skycasters 1.2 meter satellite dish mobile Internet solution is the iNetVu 1200. It was the first antenna size to be offered in the marketplace for all of the reasons mentioned above. This auto-deploy antenna performs exactly like the iNetVu 980 in terms of user interface, so there is little to no training required. And it comes standard with the same user-friendly one touch 7000B controller and the Skycasters iDirect® X5 modem.

Virtually any type of mobile satellite internet customer can find substantial value with the 1200 iNetVu dish. For those involved in disaster recovery and first responder positions, mobile medical personnel, exploration teams and even video broadcasters, our 1.2 meter satellite dish portable solutions offer incredible performance with download speeds of up to 6.09 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 1.5 Mbps.

We understand that our customers’ goals are not only to have the highest quality IP service available, but to have the ability to upgrade as their technology needs change. That’s why with any equipment platform we offer, Skycasters makes upgrading service plans as easy as a phone call or email to our Customer Care Department.

Please click here for full specs and details of the 1.2 meter iNetVu dish.


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