Skycasters Welcomes Support Specialist – Jon Cyphert

Akron, OH – December 26, 2012 Skycasters is thrilled to announce that Jon Cyphert, Support Specialist, will be joining the technical support team. Jon graduated from Crestwood High School in 2011 and is currently attending the University of Akron, majoring in Computer Information Systems, Cisco Networking Track. He plans to graduate in the spring of 2014.

Jon enjoys fixing, building, and tinkering with computers and other such devices. His curiosity and interest in technology has brought him to Skycasters where he has been learning about the different aspects of Satellite provided Internet. It’s safe to say that after his first week working at Skycasters, his old TV Satellite dish became victim to a screw driver and a soldering iron…

As a member of the tech support team at Skycasters, Jon will be on the front lines taking phone calls to help resolve customer issues. He will also be responsible for managing customer overages, analyzing and evaluating customer issues, monitoring networks, and performing cross-polarization tests.

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