.98 Meter Dish—Mobile Satellite Internet Solutions

In today’s connected world, field communications have become an absolute necessity for a vast array of industries.
Skycasters ensures customer connectivity with its mobile solutions
When customers are looking for high-bandwidth internet solutions to meet these requirements, they will need to explore larger satellite antennas that are available in the marketplace. In previous years, customers who needed a high-bandwidth mobile internet solution had to purchase a 1.2 meter system. Satellite IP networks have since evolved to the point where it is possible to have outstanding performance using smaller satellite reflectors. Therefore, customers can now receive Skycasters’ higher-bandwidth service plans using a .98 meter satellite antenna.

If your performance requirements exceed what the smallest meter dish can offer, you might be ready for C-Com’s .98 meter iNetVu 980. This .98 meter mobile solution is an ideal choice for commercial and government markets. The 980 features a user-friendly antenna that has the ability to support a wide variety of Skycasters iDirect®-based service plans while carrying an affordable price tag.

.98 Meter Satellite Dish Customized for You

First responders, disaster recovery communication agencies, oil, gas and mining exploration teams, mobile medical units and other types of mobile office users demand high bandwidth for their communications requirements. Skycasters 980 iNetVu dish delivers the necessary bandwidth and allows for optimal performance with crucial IP functions such as satellite internet VPN, video-conferencing and multiple VoIP lines.

Skycasters has a team of seasoned professionals who can install any size antenna including our .98 meter satellite dish, which can be mounted on almost any type of vehicle, including mobile specialty vehicles, mobile command centers, trailers, RVs, vans or even SUVs. Our installers can fulfill orders almost anywhere in the U.S. and can even perform custom work for specific needs. Whether the vehicle is in production at the factory, or already delivered to the end-user, the Skycasters installation team can professionally mount the satellite system to meet exact customer specifications.

Also, for customers who do not have a designated mobile speciality vehicle on which to mount a mobile antenna, Skycasters offers turn-key mobile communications trailers and shippable flyaway units.

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