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Skycasters’ 10th Anniversary at the FirstEnergy All-American Soap Box Derby

AKRON, Ohio – For the 10th consecutive year, Akron-based Skycasters will donate satellite internet and equipment to live stream the FirstEnergy All-American Soap Box Derby. The event is Saturday, July 20, 2019 at Derby Downs. There will be a link to the live webcast at “Skycasters has been an excellent partner for the past […]

Fetch a Friend Contest

Toby is looking for more friends so we’re hoping you’ll join us in Toby’s Fetch a Friend Contest, which starts Thursday, May 23, 2019. This contest is open to all current Skycasters customers. All referrals will need to let us know who referred them. If your referral becomes a customer then you’ll have your choice […]

Communication is Key For Disaster Recovery

Emergency management services often need a rugged, reliable internet connection that can travel with them to wherever an emergency arises. When an emergency hits, communication is key to your rescue efforts, and you can’t wait for terrestrial connections to be repaired. Your main focus should be the emergency at hand, not establishing a communications system. […]

Don’t Let an Outage Keep You From Business

Akron, OH – April 22, 2019 It’s that season where internet outages become more prevalent and because internet plays an integral role in your daily business operations even a short outage can have a huge impact. Imagine that an outage has just begun and you don’t have contact with your customers, other office locations, and […]

Communication Solutions For the Oil & Gas Industry

Akron, OH – April 5, 2019 We know the importance of a great connection. When you work in the oil, gas and mining industries you know that land-based communications are not always reliable or practical due to challenging conditions and changing locations. Skycasters’ reliable, remote communication solutions help your business stay connected, no matter where […]

Using Skycasters’ Usage Portal

Akron, OH – March 15, 2019 We want you to know what’s happening with your account, which is why monitoring your data usage with Skycasters is easy with our online Usage Portal. Our online portal allows you to easily monitor your daily and monthly usage. To use this tool, go to the Customer Login on […]

2019 Spring Sun Fade

Akron, OH – February 11, 2019 Twice a year, Skycasters likes to take a little time to post on our blog and news section about sun fade, a condition which affects all satellite communications. In late winter and again in mid-fall, the sun lines up with the Earth and interrupts transmissions to communications satellites. Our […]

CWi Streamlines Essential Communications

Akron, OH – February 21, 2019 Two connections, one provider – that’s what you get with Skycasters’ CWi(Converged Wireless Internet). CWi works by using satellite and LTE services for one integrated, business-grade solution. This service gives our customers a huge competitive advantage in terms of efficiency, cost and most importantly, reliability. The integration of the […]

Boost Your Cellular Signal Strength

Akron, OH – January 10, 2019 Do you ever find that your cellular signal strength is weak inside your home or office? What if we told you there’s a way to increase your signal strength? Skycasters is now a SureCall® Certified Installer and can help you stay connected in your home or office using cellular […]

Skycasters’ MST Great for Remote Working Needs

Akron, OH – December 19, 2018 Working in remote areas or tough conditions doesn’t mean you can’t get satellite Internet, not when Skycasters is involved. One of our best options for this kind of work is our MST (Mobile Satellite Trailer), a self-contained, turnkey mobile trailer towable by even small vehicles. Our mobile systems are […]


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