Boost Your Cellular Signal Strength

Akron, OH – January 10, 2019

Do you ever find that your cellular signal strength is weak inside your home or office? What if we told you there’s a way to increase your signal strength? Skycasters is now a SureCall® Certified Installer and can help you stay connected in your home or office using cellular signal boosters. These signal boosters come in a variety or sizes and strengths depending on your needs and can be used in homes, offices, or vehicles.

The construction of some homes and offices can cause a weak signal strength, resulting in a struggle to find a strong signal. Instead of trying to find specific locations inside the building or going outside to make a call, you can increase the signal strength with a SureCall® booster.

The signal boosters work by taking a cellular carrier’s signal, even if it’s weak, and boosts the signal to rebroadcast it throughout the building. These signal boosters can also boost an outgoing signal to increase its strength to get to the nearest cell tower and works with all cellular carriers in North America. Some of these signal boosters include:

  • Fusion2Go: an in-vehicle cell phone signal booster which boosts 3G & 4G LTE signal, extends cellular battery life and can be set up in minutes with a simple plug-and-play installation.surecall booster
  • Fusion4Home: a residential cell phone signal booster which increases coverage inside buildings up to 4,000 sq. ft and includes all components for a DIY installation.
  • Force5: a commercial cell phone signal booster that increases signal strength for buildings from 25,000 sq. ft to 100,000 sq. ft and reduces dropped and missed calls and improves data performance.
  • M2M: an industrial quality signal booster for enhanced signal for all machine-to-machine applications with a simple plug-and-play installation.
  • Industrial: a perfect booster for large installations and provides 80,000 sq. ft of cellular coverage for 100+ simultaneous users.

At Skycasters we pride ourselves on being able to service traditionally hard to reach areas, so working with SureCall® is a natural extension of our services.

Call Skycasters today to learn more about how SureCall® signal boosters can help you stay connected wirelessly.


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