SCADA/Low Bandwidth

iDirect® Low Bandwidth Plans: Value plan for low throughput for loT & SCADA.

Low Bandwidth Plans – SCADA, Point of Sale, ATM
Service Plan Monthly Price $59.00 $79.00
MaxIR (down/up) 64k/64k 128k/128k
Throughput Allowance 1.5GB 3GB
Throughput Breakdown Peak/OffPeak* 500MB/1GB 1GB/2GB
Overage/MB $0.10/meg $0.10/meg

*– Peak-Time is defined as weekdays, from 7:00AM Eastern to 7:00PM Eastern.

Note: These broadband Internet plans require the use of our Managed Services product, which prevents unsolicited Internet traffic (such as bots and port scanners) from using up your throughput. The cost of managed services is $20 per month for the first site, and $1 per month for each additional site.

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