Skycasters Data Allowances, Throttling, and Fair Access Policy

What Is Throttling?

Skycasters’ high speed Internet Service Plans accommodate a wide variety of speed and data requirements. Each broadband satellite Internet plan we offer includes a certain amount of data (data allowance).

Option 1: When a customer on Option 1 (metered billing) exceeds their data allowance, they are charged for their additional usage according to their contract.

Option 2: When a customer on Option 2 exceeds their data allowance, we will reduce their connection speed until their usage is back in profile. For accounts with separate upload and download data allowances, upload and download speeds will be adjusted independently.

Connection speeds will be reduced according to the following chart:

Percent Overage Throttle Percent
under 5% 0%
5-10% 5%
10-20% 10%
20-30% 20%
30-40% 30%
40-50% 40%
50-60% 50%
60-80% 60%
80-100% 70%
100-150% 80%
150-200% 90%
Over 200% 95%
  1. The “throttle speed” is determined as a percentage of contract guarantee speed.
  2. The customer’s “up-to speed” (Maximum Speed) is set to the “throttle speed.”
  3. The customer’s guarantee speed is set to zero.
  4. Option 2 Customers who consistently exceed their data allotment must upgrade plans or switch to metered billing (Option 1).

On the customer’s billing date each month, their usage for the previous month is compared to their allowable data. If the customer’s usage has exceeded their allowance, the customer is notified via email, and approximately 24 hours later, their Maximum Speeds (up-to speed) is reduced according to the chart above.

Once a customer’s account has been throttled, their data usage is monitored on a weekly basis. If their usage for the week is less than 7/30ths of their monthly allowance, the customer is notified via email, and within 24 hours, their speeds are returned to their contract rates.

If a customer exceeds their data allowance by 100% or more for two consecutive billing cycles, 50% or more for three consecutive billing cycles, or 10% or more for four consecutive billing cycles, they will be required to move to a plan with higher allowable data or switch to metered billing.

How Do I Get Unthrottled Immediately?

You can get unthrottled immediately if you upgrade to a service plan that allows more data than was used in the previous cycle. Otherwise, unthrottling requires 7 consecutive days of data within the weekly average of your monthly service plan allotment. If your data never falls below the weekly allotment, you stay throttled until it does.

Please become familiar with your data usage by reviewing your account frequently at (you can obtain your username and password by contacting the Customer Care department). Get your daily allotment by dividing your Service Plan data by 30. If you get throttled, please determine what activities you or your users are performing and determine if these activities are necessary, or not.

If your business can’t do without it, consider upgrading your Service Plan. Just call Customer Care, and we will be happy to go over your options and help you select the Service Plan that is right for you.

A Sign Of Trouble

Data Bandits. Troubleshooting data overage may include monitoring usage for non-business activities, high data activities such as video downloads, or firewall assessments – computer viruses or malware may push data to the maximum amount available.

If you have a wireless router connected to your modem, please monitor the system for unauthorized usage. If you are not sure how to do this, please call technical support, 24/7, and we will be happy to help you.

Please lock down your wireless router with a password, and limit who has access to the password.

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