Healthcare Telemedicine — VSAT Satellite Internet Solutions

Stationary Antenna

Hospitals and clinics have critical need for business-class high-speed Internet access. Skycasters specifically serves critical need operations. Our most common high-speed satellite Internet systems combine a VSAT iDirect® X3 modem and a 1.2 meter fixed dish, which can be installed with a non-penetrating roof mount or on a pole. View our satellite Internet plans or contact a sales engineer here to talk about the right telemedicine plan for you. Learn more about VSAT satellite.

Mobile/Portable Telemedicine Solutions

Skycasters’ proven mobile satellite Internet systems can be mounted on an ambulance, mobile command center or trailer. We also offer turn-key portable healthcare services that can be easily towed to your location or shipped via common carrier. They can be used for everything from disaster recovery communication to health fairs or other special event. Our healthcare telemedicine Internet solutions can be set up in less than 10 minutes. Mobile emergency equipment rentals are available, too. Learn more about mobile Internet telemedicine solutions.

Business Continuity for Healthcare

Skycasters provides business continuity solutions that will help keep your healthcare facility running at all times. When your primary Internet connection goes down, you get WAN/ISP failover that automatically switches your critical Internet traffic to your Skycasters connection. Meanwhile, QoS prioritization guarantees bandwidth to your most important applications. Learn more about redundant Internet.

Healthcare and Telemedicine Medical VPN (Virtual Private Networks)

Many healthcare applications require a secure connection for transmission of critical and confidential information, and few standard VPN equipmenttooltip solutions will work well over a satellite connection. At Skycasters, we’ve made the necessary adjustments and adaptations to create a VPN solution. We offer both VPN and Private IP networks at encryption levels that satisfy even the most security-conscious medical institutions. Click here to contact a sales engineer and talk about creating a medical or hospital VPN. Learn more about VPN equipment.

Educational Sales/E-Rate Healthcare Telemedicine

Your medical, nursing or field services school could qualify for discounts and government aid designed to close the digital divide. Skycasters is an authorized provider in the Federal Government’s E-Rate program. Learn more about E-Rate for schools.

We Don’t Sell Boxes. We Solve Problems.

At Skycasters, there’s a reason we do not offer online ordering of our products. As an experienced broadband satellite Internet provider, Skycasters believes only a discussion with one of our highly trained professionals will ensure that the very best configuration of equipment and service options are selected for your situation. Our sales engineers can also find custom satellite Internet solutions to fit your healthcare telemedicine needs as well.

At Skycasters we only offer high-end, high-performance satellite Internet solutions. Our proven broadband satellite Internet solutions offer speeds up to 6 Mbps/1.5 Mbps with hardware costs as low as $999 and satellite Internet plans starting at $149 per month.


If internet connectivity is critical to your business, contact us today to learn more about our backup connections for business continuity. One of our dedicated team members will be happy to explain our plans and get you started today.