Three Geostationary Satellites For Coverage Virtually Anywhere In The Western Hemisphere

Satellite_Coverage_3Skycasters is a satellite ISPtooltip (Internet Service Provider) offering service on three geostationary satellites — Telstar T11N, Intelsat G28, and Eutelsat E113WA — for a combined Ku band coverage area that extends across most of the western hemisphere.

Skycasters acquired space on T11N in May 2010. T11N provides multi-region Ku-band coverage across Central and North America (except the West Coast). G28 is one of the most powerful communications satellites ever designed. Its payload provides coverage across North and South America.

How It All Works

T11N, G28, E113WA, and other geostationarytooltip satellites operate in geosynchronous orbit at 22,236 miles above the equator in an area called the Clarke Orbit. Geostationary satellites in this type of orbit are traveling at the same speed as the rotation of the Earth, causing it to appear to always be in the same location as viewed from any point on the surface of the Earth. Dish antennas pointed at satellites do not have to move in order to track the satellite.

Skycasters uses T11N, G28, and E113WA as high-speed digital links between customers and the U.S. Internet backbone for fast, reliable Internet. Other components required to achieve an Internet link via satellite include an indoor modem, a satellite dish at the customer’s location, the teleport at the network operations center (NOC), and, of course, the Internet.

For Skycasters satellite Internet customers, communication on a high speed satellite Internet connection is no different than one that is land-based, even though a round trip transmission to a satellite in space must travel 90,000 miles. Skycasters is able to provide a high quality of service by using the latest technology and by not oversubscribing its network, like other Internet service providers (ISPs) do.

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