Skycasters Business Continuity Service Plans

Just like insurance protects your business from certain risks, Skycasters protects your bottom line with backup communications plans for continuity of service despite terrestrial threats and unexpected infrastructure failures. Protect yourself against the vulnerability of landlines with business continuity plans from Skycasters.

With Skycasters’ affordable business continuity service plans, you get the best value in service continuity plans there is. We own our infrastructure, which means we can provide highly engineered and customized service plans that are not available from any other provider. We deliver a true “diverse path” solution, for continuity that keeps you in business, and gives you peace of mind.

We Make It Our Business to Know Yours

As a satellite Internet service provider, we take the time to understand your capacity requirements and the applications you will be using so we can help you select which of our business continuity service plans best suits your needs. Our trained sales engineers then guide you through the selection process to find the right backup plan for you.

And, if you want the total confidence that comes with having continuity of operations, should there be a service interruption, Skycasters offers flexible, affordable service plans priced from $59-$99 per month (plus a la carte usage). Call 330-785-2100 or click here to get started.

Or, if you’d like, click here to take an online assessment of your needs, and you’ll be on your way to a customized continuity plan that’s right for you.

Business Continuity Service Plans

Business continuity plan recommendations

iDirect® Business Continuity Plans: Backup service plans for primary service interruptions or infrastructure failures.

Business Continuity Service Plans
Service Plans Basic Package Standard Package Premium Package Enterprise Package
Maximum Speeds (down/up) 5.0M/768k 10.0M/2.0M 16.0M/2.0M 20.0M/2.0M
Guaranteed Speeds (down/up) 512k/256k 1.5M/768k 2.0M/1.25M 2.5M/1.5M
Static IP Address Included Included Included Included
Monthly Recurring Fee $59 $79 $89 $99
A la carte Usage Charge $0.20/MB $0.20/MB $0.20/MB $0.20/MB
Keep-alive Traffic Allowance (included) 100MB/month 100MB/month 100MB/month 100MB/month
Minimum Equipment 1.2m / 3w 1.2m / 3w 1.2m / 6w 1.8m / 6w
Contract Term 24 month 24 month 24 month 24 month
Recommended Modem iDirect® X1/X3 iDirect® X1/X3 iDirect® X1/X7 iDirect® X7

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VSAT Base Equipment Bundle
Dish Size 1.2 meter 1.2 meter 1.8 meter 1.8 meter
BUC Size 3 watt 6 watt 3 watt 6 watt
Equipment Price $1,394 + frt $1,944 + frt $1,754 + frt $2,304 + frt
Standard Installation on Non-Pen Mount $550 $550 $750 $750
Standard Installation on Pole Mount $800 $800 $800 $800
Term 2 year* 2 year* 2 year* 2 year*

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Government, Military & Not-For-Profits

For continuity of operations and primary connectivity, Skycasters offers GSA Schedule discounts for organizations that qualify. Contact us to learn more about Skycasters GSA satellite internet prices.

Primary Connectivity

Click here to view our most popular broadband service plans. These service levels are specially designed for operations that will use Skycasters as the primary form of connectivity—like remote businesses service plans, and those in the oil, gas and mining industry.

Throttled Data (Fair Access Policy – FAP) | Service Plan Upgrades

* – Equipment Price shown above reflects $1,000 discount for signing a two-year Business Continuity service agreement. Early termination fees apply.

Maximum Speeds – the maximum speed at which data can be received or transmitted.
Guaranteed Speeds – the speed at which we guarantee data can be received or transmitted. We guarantee you will receive 110% of your guarantee speed at least 90% of the time, if not more.
Monitoring Traffic Allowance – This is the total amount of data that can be transferred up and/or down in a given billing cycle (30 days) before the a la carte usage charge is assessed. All Business Continuity Service Plans are billed as Option 1.
Option 1 – The “unlimited” plan permits you to pay for excess data. With this option, you will be billed according to your service plan for any data in excess of the plan allowance.
Note – All Business Continuity Service Plans will receive one slot every fourth frame while idle.
IP Addressing – All plans include 1 publicly routable static IP address. Blocks of 5 or 13 are available. Block of 5 is $30.00. Block of 13 is $60.00. Up to 256 are available if needed at an additional charge. If you need more than 5 IP addresses, your request must be justified in writing to meet ARIN requirements.


If internet connectivity is critical to your business, contact us today to learn more about our backup connections for business continuity. One of our dedicated team members will be happy to explain our plans and get you started today.