CWi Converged Wireless Internet

Skycasters Converged Wireless Internet gives businesses a unified satellite and LTE service backed by 24-hour monitoring and management.

CWi (“See-wee”) combines the benefits of satellite AND cellular/LTE wireless internet services in one integrated, business-grade solution. You also get the same exceptional customer service and state-of-the-art technology that all Skycasters customers receive.


Why Converged Wireless Internet?

Skycasters’ CWi service provides your business with a faster, more reliable and efficient internet connection by integrating two different wireless networks into a single service. This streamlines your essential communications to help you stay connected and informed of critical operations – even in the most remote areas.

With CWi, you get:

  • A single system – one support line
  • Two independent connections – satellite and LTE converged from diverse paths
  • Multiple, converged connections for maximum uptime – up to 99.99%
  • Unique configuration and 24-hour monitoring for greater network efficiency

How it works

CWi pairs our iDirect® satellite network platform with multiple industry-leading LTE cellular network to deliver a single, unified solution for critical connectivity. Our unique balancing technology allows you to use both connections at once, providing efficiencies that improve your wireless internet experience and your business.

Technical benefits

  • Highly reliable connectivity. Our standard CWi configuration provides satellite and LTE services from independent paths to deliver 99.99% guaranteed uptime – or better.
  • Less downtime. If one connection fails, your entire service quickly switches to the other connection until the failed service is restored.
  • 24/7 monitoring and network management. Skycasters constantly tracks bandwidth needs to find network efficiencies for your business, giving you a better value per megabyte of data.

Business benefits

  • Cost savings. CWi brings you more reliable connectivity for up to 75% less than the cost of a premium, Ku band, iDirect® metered satellite-only service.
  • Reputation. Dual connectivity ensures your critical connections stay up and running, so you can always meet the needs of customers, partners and regulators.
  • A better experience. Our unified service delivers snappier surfing – and your team won’t be frustrated by delays caused by Internet outages.

Get started

Call (330) 785-2100 to find out how CWi services can help your business stay connected.


If internet connectivity is critical to your business, contact us today to learn more about our backup connections for business continuity. One of our dedicated team members will be happy to explain our plans and get you started today.