Data Center Co-location for Your Satellite Internet Private Network

Co-locating your server in the Skycasters data center makes a lot of sense. Our state of the art facility has all the amenities you would expect from a state-of-the-art data center. We provide a clean, secure, temperature-controlled environment to protect your investment and maintain maximum uptime for your server at our NOC data center. And we offer two distinct types of data center co-location, depending on your requirements. Your sales engineer will advise you on the data center co-location solution that best meets your needs.

Private Network Co-Location

If you are already a Skycasters satellite Internet customer, there may be some real advantages to your business co-locating your server inside the Skycasters data center, behind the firewall. The most common example of this would be co-location of a VoIPtooltip server, VPN server, or database server that will be accessed by users at remote satellite Internet locations. A 12-month contract is required for our data center co-location solution.

Here are some configuration diagrams of the most common co-location solutions:

1. Basic Private Network Data Center Co-Location Diagram

2. VPN/Private Network Data Center Co-Location Diagram

3. Business Continuity/VPN Private Network Data Center Co-Location Diagram

Private Network Co-Location Service Pricing

  • Rack Space $45/U/month
  • Power $15/outlet/month
  • VLAN/RJ45 Port Charge $50/port/month
  • Internet Connectivity: Included with Satellite Plan
  • Public IP Address $1/IP/month
  • DNS Hosting $50 setup, $3/domain/month
  • Engineering Support $145/hour

Because private network co-location setup and configuration is highly variable depending on your requirements, please allow us to quote set-up fees after we have thoroughly discussed your needs.

If you need a dedicated connection between your private network co-location space and your corporate data center, you have the option to terminate a dedicated link in our data center. Data center DEMARC: $499 one-time set-up fee, $199/month recurring charge.

DMZ Co-Location

If the primary function of your co-located equipment requires high-speed Internet connectivity—like a public web server—DMZ hosting may be the right solution. In this configuration, your co-located server is hosted outside of the Skycasters network and outside the firewall, with direct connectivity to the U.S. Internet backbone.
Skycasters NOC data center robust infrastructure
We provide the rack space and power to your equipment, along with as much connectivity as you require. Each DMZ co-located server is on a separate VLAN for enhanced security. And, of course, every data center package comes with Skycasters’ amazing customer care and 24/7 technical support.

DMZ co-location pricing is based on the services you require. You pay for only the resources that you need:

  • Rack Space $45/U/month
  • Power $15/outlet/month
  • VLAN/RJ45 Port Charge $50/port/month
  • Internet Connectivity $159/Mbps/month (unlimited data included, n/c)
  • Public IP Address $1/IP/month
  • DNS Hosting $50 setup, $3/domain/month
  • Engineering Support $145/hour

Example: 1U server with single power supply, 1 NIC & 1 Mbps connection = $270/month.

We charge a $199 set-up fee for co-location, which includes VLAN configuration, installation, set-up, cabling and performance verification. This represents about 2–3 hours of engineering time. If your specific requirements are more involved (e.g. Multiple servers or co-located firewalls), we will quote additional engineering time before we begin. A 12-month contract is required.

Specifications for Our World-Class Data Center

  • Power – Filtered UPS Protected Power with battery-powered backup dual and on-site diesel generators.
  • HVAC – Data center is maintained at 68˚F. Dedicated HVAC system, dual fed from house HVAC system. HEPA filtration and humidity control.
  • Rack Space – Four-post locking cabinets, standard 19” width, 1.75” U for your co-locating server.
  • Internet/Network – Dual fiber connections to the U.S. Internet backbone with redundant Cisco edge routers and layer 3 switches. All Cisco network. Private VLAN provided for all co-location customers.
  • Security – 24/7 building security with motion-detecting cameras. Additional bio-metric security for the NOC data center.
  • Access – Customers may physically access their co-located equipment Monday–Friday 8:00AM to 6:00PM Eastern Time. We will be happy to arrange after-hours/weekend access.


If internet connectivity is critical to your business, contact us today to learn more about our backup connections for business continuity. One of our dedicated team members will be happy to explain our plans and get you started today.