Disaster Recovery Communications

For Confidence When It Matters Most, Choose Satellite!

Skycasters flyaway equipment helps customers continue operations after a disaster.
Violent storms. Intense wildfire. Destructive earthquakes. They’re all unexpected, but what you can expect during these devastating events is that there will be telecommunication disruptions. If you are a first responder, you need a recovery communications plan that includes Skycasters satellite service.

At Skycasters, we know that every second is valuable in an emergency. Communication failure is not an option, nor is waiting for traditional terrestrial infrastructure repairs. Emergency communication solutions are the backbone of your rescue efforts. That’s why we’ve designed reliable, rugged satellite solutions for rapid deployment by anyone at your portable command center.

Our high-speed, low-latency VSAT system supports the applications you need for recovery communications: email, fax, VoIPtooltip, VPNtooltip, streaming data, video—whatever your requirements are, we’ll customize a system that supports your disaster recovery communications plan.

Whether you are running a routine emergency preparedness drill or are on-site at a disaster, you’ll have broadband disaster response remote communication capabilities that will save time, money, but, most importantly, lives.

We provide live, 24/7 tech support so we’re there when you need us and we offer flexible disaster recovery service plans.

The Best Equipment To Withstand The Worst Conditions

Our turnkey mobile communications trailer is self-contained, towable by even small vehicles, and can establish a disaster recovery communications hotspot in as little at 10 minutes. Skycasters rapid deployment systems are rugged, business-grade products that are designed to be easy to maintain and transport, and are simple enough to use that even untrained personnel can operate them.

Dedicated Emergency Response Solutions

A communications network must offer maximum uptime at dedicated bandwidth. Only Skycasters backs every disaster communications plan with a CIR (Committed Information Rate). No other satellite ISP (Internet Service Provider) comes close to offering the same uptime guarantee.

Emergency & Short Term Rental Available

For urgent disaster recovery communications needs or on a short-term basis, Skycasters offers several rental options. Skycasters will expedite the order to get it exactly where it’s needed, when it’s needed, giving you one less issue to worry about.

Daily Flat Rate Plans Provide Unlimited Disaster Response Communication (GSA only).

Price should not be an issue for public service and first responders to meet humanitarian needs. To help these organizations set up a mobile command center we have specifically designed plans for organizations that qualify to purchase from Skycasters’ GSA schedule.

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