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Skycasters and Ka You Communications Have an Easy, Affordable Satellite IP Link for EAS CAP Compliance.


June 30, 2019 will be here before we know it, which means the new Emergency Alert System (EAS) regulations will be in place. The time is now to get compliant, and Skycasters and Ka You Communications have a solution that’s both easy and proven to work.

It’s called IPReady, and it will have you ready for IPAWS communications well before the June 30 deadline. IPReady offers you:

  • Routable static address to your IPAWS gateway
  • Reliable IP connection
  • IP access to remote transmitter sites
  • Remote command and control of transmitter sites
  • Complete communications solution that keeps your entire network on the same platform to simplify operation
  • IMMEDIATE installation
  • Plus low setup and service fees

When you sign up for IPReady, you will receive:

  • Satellite link
  • Modem
  • BUC
  • Feed assembly
  • Static IP address
  • 24/7 Skycasters network monitoring
  • Professional Ka You technician to install everything and get it in working order

Compliance Plus Remote Transmitter Control.

IPReady provides the satellite Internet connection that helps you achieve satellite Internet compliance. It also provides you with IP-based access to your transmitters via a satellite Internet connection and software. This means you can command changes from your home base, even at your most remote transmitters.

Use Your Existing Dish!

We can often use the same satellite dish you already use for receiving your program content, with no additional tower lease needed. If necessary, we can also install a new dish.

Immediate Availability on SES3!

If you receive content on the SES3 satellite, we can schedule immediate installation for you. If you’re on another satellite, upper-register with us today for additional satellites we are bringing online in 2019.

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