Emergency Communications

During natural disasters, disruptions to the utilities we rely on for communications occur often. Downed telephone lines, blacked-out power grids, flooded areas, and storm-wrought destruction often lead to communication breakdowns, just when emergency communications are needed most. Enter Skycasters mobile satellite internet, the U.S.’s leading emergency communication system provider.

FEMA Counts On Skycasters Communications Systems

Our emergency satellite equipment and leading-edge Internet by satellite network powers our nation’s foremost providers of disaster response services, indulging first response and aid giants such as:

  • FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)
  • Army Corps of Engineers
  • California National Guard
  • U.S. Coast Guard
  • Marshall County (Kentucky) Emergency Responders Alliance
  • NCRI (National Catastrophe Restoration Inc.)
  • National Park Service
  • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
  • The Salvation Army
  • American Red Cross

Top-Flight Emergency Communications Equipment

At Skycasters, we know disaster response communications is critical technology that must be reliable day in and day out. Our turn-key mobile communications trailer is self-contained, towable by even small vehicles, and can establish a wireless hotspot or emergency communications link in under 10 minutes. Just activate the leveling jacks, start up the generator, and push a button. It’s that fast and that simple. Bring emergency communications capability anywhere you go, anytime!

Bring Communications To The People

So many times after a natural or even man-made disaster, people are separated from their families, often with no way to make contact with each other or the outside world. With Skycasters mobile satellite Internet, emergency communications are now a possibility for people who have lost touch with their loved ones. Just tow our gas generator-powered trailer into location and suddenly people can make cell phone calls, send emails and tweets, or make Facebook posts via Skycasters’ mobile satellite Internet connection. Skycasters helps people reconnect when connections matter most!

Dedicated Emergency Communications Bandwidth And Uptime!

An emergency communications network must offer maximum uptime at dedicated bandwidth. And only Skycasters backs every emergency communications plan with a Committed-Information-Rate (CIR) of 110% bandwidth, 90% of the time guarantee. No other mobile satellite internet provider comes close to offering this sort of uptime guarantee!

Daily Flat Rate Plans Emergency Communications – GSA (General Services Administration) Only

Because Skycasters’ is committed to providing our first responders with the best technology to fill humanitarian aid needs, Skycasters has specifically designed GSA emergency communications plans for disaster response organizations. Due to their exceptional value, Skycasters’ Daily Flat Rate VI Plans are only available to government agencies, charities, non-profits, and other disaster response organizations that are qualified to purchase from Skycasters’ GSA schedule. Verification of use may be required. These plans provide for unlimited emergency communications usage for a daily flat rate.

Daily Flat Rate VI Service Plans
10:1 Standard 10:1 High Speed
MaxIR (down/up) 1.5M/768k 4M/2M
CIR (down/up) 150k/76k 400k/200k
Monthly Recurring Fee $75 $75
Daily Use Rate* $75 $150
Contract Term 24 month 24 month

*The Daily Use Rate will be charged for any day with greater than 10 megabytes throughput. When testing, please limit usage to under 10 megabytes throughput to avoid the Daily Use Rate.

To learn more about Skycasters emergency communications solutions, call 1-800-268-8653, or click here to email us. Click on the First Responder’s Guide to Satellite Communications to learn more.

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