Satellite VPN The VSR-30 From Encore Networks

There are some people who insist the only VPN product that lives up to its billing over a satellite connection is the Encore VSR-30.
photo of Encore Network BANDIT satellite Internet VPNWe won’t go that far — especially since we carry three types of VPN and each has its strengths.

We can say, however, that we test every product extensively before adding it to our product line, and the VSR-30 made the cut.

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This product provides support for IPsec VPN, stateful inspection firewall, IP routing and QoS, and Selective Layer Encryption (SLE).

The ability to perform SLE to IPsec tunnel switching is especially crucial, as it allows Skycasters the ability to offer both end-to-end on-net and off-net VPN solutions.

Encore’s solutions enables satellite users, running applications over IP, to realize the benefits of broadband communications without the performance degradation often associated with satellite circuits.

For more information, view the VSR-30 data sheet (PDF) , or contact a Skycasters satellite Internet sales engineer.

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