Skycasters’ Satellite Redundant Internet Backs You Up

Do your business’ daily operations rely on having an Internet connection? Can you afford to be at the mercy of a single ISPtooltip? How much time and money will be lost when the connection goes down?


Skycasters backup Internet connection and business continuity plans offer organizations of all sizes an easy and affordable way to stay connected all the time.

What is business continuity? Simply stated, it is redundant Internet access that gives you the ability to automatically switch traffic among multiple Internet connections. When the primary link goes down, you get WAN/ISP failover that automatically switches your critical Internet traffic to the Skycasters backup link. Meanwhile, QoS priority and bandwidth management guarantees connectivity to your most important applications.

Benefits of Having Backup Internet

Think redundant satellite Internet access is too expensive? Think about this: What’s the impact to your company when T1 lines are down? If your outage is caused by infrastructure damage from a backhoe, water main break or cable cut, the downtime may be measured in days, not hours.

Think it’s too complicated? Think again. Not long ago, only large businesses could afford the expense and overhead of multiple connections. Now, any business can protect its critical applications from unplanned business interruptions with Internet connection redundancy for a fraction of the previous cost. In most cases, high speed satellite Internet backup is actually cheaper than the terrestrial alternative.

We can help you configure your existing Internet edge router to perform the Internet failover solution, or recommend solutions from industry leaders like Cisco. We also have a plug and play solution using the Bandit II from Encore Networks.

Skycasters makes it easy and affordable to get the redundant Internet that your company needs. Our QoS traffic management features a guaranteed minimum bandwidth to specific applications makes sure a failure of your primary Internet connection doesn’t leave your organization stranded.

To learn more about how redundant access can work for you, or technology solutions like the Bandit II, call an account executive today at 330-785-2100.


If internet connectivity is critical to your business, contact us today to learn more about our backup connections for business continuity. One of our dedicated team members will be happy to explain our plans and get you started today.