Satellite Internet Dishes

A VSAT dish is a Ku band antenna. A BUC (Block UpConverter) is used to transfer data from the dish to the geostationary satellites 23,000 miles in space.
There are many factors to consider when choosing which dish best supports your communications network. While larger dishes are better able to focus on the satellite signal for increased reliability, the right satellite Internet dish for you depends on your speed requirements, your location, and your budget.


Dishes for satellite Internet under 1m in size are more susceptible to rain fade, which is why all Skycasters dishes are at least 1.2m. Generally speaking, this unit is standard in the continental United States and the Caribbean. The 3w BUC is the most common size satellite BUC for Skycasters’ 1.2m dishes.

1.2M Ku-Band Receive/Transmit Offset Antenna
System Series 1123
Size  48″
Shipping weight  61 lbs
Wind Load Operational 50 mph
Wind Load Survival 125 mph


A larger satellite Internet dish, often in conjunction with larger transmitters, allow for higher upload speeds through the satellite connection. The 1.8m dish is used for more challenging locations or on the outer edges of the footprint. This size antenna may be required, depending on the bandwidth plan that will be used or what future plans to upgrade include.

1.8M Ku-Band Receive/Transmit Offset Antenna
System Series 1184
Size 71″
Shipping weight 240 lbs
Wind Load Operational 50 mph
Wind Load Survival 125 mph

Customer Locations

At Skycasters, we make it our business to know yours. After determining your bandwidth needs and your installation location, one of our specially-trained sales engineers will suggest which satellite Internet dish and BUC will work best for your particular application.


While wall mounts work fine for smaller TV dishes, 1.2m and 1.8m units are too large and too heavy for the side of a building. To insure the best quality and service, our dishes are set up using non-penetrating roof mounts or pole mounts.

Business-Grade Solutions for Business Needs

At Skycasters, our entire infrastructure is business-grade and specifically designed to meet the unique use and location challenges you face. From the teleports and hubs at our Akron, Ohio network operations center (NOC) to the modem and dish at customer locations, our solutions help you get business done with rugged, reliable equipment that is built to last.

We understand that every industry and business has its own communications challenges and requirements. So, our approach is far more flexible than the one-size-fits-none solutions offered by many other ISPs (Internet Service Providers). We prefer to get to know you, your business, and how you want to communicate with your customers, employees, and other audiences before we recommend which satellite Internet dish will work best for you.

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VSAT Base Equipment Bundle
iDirect IDU VSAT X1/
Like New VSAT X3*
Like New VSAT X3*
Like New VSAT X3*
Like New VSAT X3*
Dish Size 1.2 meter 1.2 meter 1.8 meter 1.8 meter
BUC Size 3 watt 6 watt 3 watt 6 watt
Equipment Price $999 + frt $1,549 + frt $1,359 + frt $1,909 + frt
Standard Installation on Non-Pen Mount $550 $550 $750 $750
Standard Installation on Pole Mount $800 $800 $800 $800
Term 2 year** 2 year** 2 year** 2 year**

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*– X5 or X7 Modems are also available, ask your sales engineer for details.

**Equipment Price shown above reflects $1,000 discount for signing a two-year Premium Metered service agreement. Early termination fees apply.

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