High-Speed Satellite Internet

Whether it’s satellite communications for disaster response, business continuity, primary connectivity, or telemedicine, Skycasters – the world’s leading provider of broadband satellite Internet service – has the most flexible, customizable, and multi-price-point satellite Internet service solutions available to meet our customers’ needs.

Skycasters’ peerless customer service is designed to save our clients from technobabbletooltip overload and to help our clients achieve their goals. Combined with our technology leadership, our service makes a partnership with Skycasters is a slam-dunk recipe for connectivity success!

Disaster Response Connectivity

For disaster-response personnel, communications failures are never an option, especially when resources and lives can hang in the balance. Yet blizzards, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural phenomena threaten to disrupt all manner of utilities, including cable, fiber optic, or antiquated telephone lines used for Internet connectivity.

This is where high-speed satellite Internet access from Skycasters steps in and saves the day.

Our high-speed satellite Internet systems are highly mobile, and are deployable within minutes. Skycasters is there with you when you need it most, with ruggedized equipment, and 24/7 tech support to make sure you stay connected when you need a quality, high-speed connection.

High-Speed Business Continuity

Companies worldwide depend on Internet connectivity to conduct normal operations, to keep their organizations humming and moving along. Few things are worse than being disconnected from the main company hub due to an environmental emergency. Skycasters is the high-speed Internet satellite provider that ensures when the Internet goes down your company does not go down with it.

Skycasters’ high-speed satellite backup systems are enterprise-grade, with only the highest quality satellite components, multiple teleports, and transponders on the most effective communications satellites available. When your business needs uptime, Skycasters is ready to provide it.

Primary Connectivity

Sometimes a direct lan connection to the U.S. Internet backbone is impossible. At Skycasters, we take it as a point of pride to take care of those who would otherwise be unable to connect to the outside world via the Internet. Whether you need high-speed satellite Internet access for a mine in the Yukon, an oil rig in the Pacific, a rural mountain village in Nepal, a resort nestled deep in a tropical rainforest, or even a traveling business mounted on four wheels, Skycasters has a solution to keep you connected reliably and cost-effectively.

Skycasters is the only business continuity solution out of all high-speed satellite Internet providers that offers a 110% bandwidth, 90% of the time guarantee, because we know reliability and connectivity is mission critical for those who rely on us as their primary connection to the Internet. We’re here for you!

Telemedicine High-Speed Connections – When Lives Are At Stake

As more people search for peace and quiet away from major cities, and as industries explore more remote areas in search of resources, many doctors are finding that medicine is taking them to rural and isolated locations where communications are a challenge.

Skycasters is dedicated to providing healthcare professionals in remote areas with the communications link they need to reach medical professionals far away from their outposts. This allows doctors to diagnose and treat patients via satellite connection when they are too far away to be reached quickly.

Whether you need broadband satellite Internet for disaster response, business continuity, primary connectivity, or telemedicine, our expert Skycasters engineers are prepared to help you forge a solution to meet your high-speed satellite needs.

Contact us online, or call 330-785-2100 to connect your business or organization with high-speed satellite Internet access today!


If internet connectivity is critical to your business, contact us today to learn more about our backup connections for business continuity. One of our dedicated team members will be happy to explain our plans and get you started today.