Satellite Internet Technology (The Geeky Stuff)

Native IP with TCP Acceleration

Skycasters NOC infrastructure provides robust architecture and ample colocation space.Unlike Internet services that were adapted from television broadcast technology, Skycasters satellite Internet technology is custom built from the ground up for IP (Internet protocol) services. This dramatically reduces the impact of satellite Internet latencytooltip associated with most other satellite-based IP solutions. High efficiency TCP acceleration and accelerated TCP (transmission control protocol) handshake enhance performance by mitigating the effects that satellite latency typically has on TCP/IP traffic.

Dynamic Tx Power Control

A unique feature of Skycasters broadband satellite Internet technology is its dynamic transmit (Tx) power control feature, which increases Tx power when weather or atmospheric conditions dictate. Controlled automatically from our network operations center (NOCtooltip) in Akron, Ohio it reduces weather-related outages and provides faster recovery times.

Advanced Satellite Internet Modem (Indoor Unit)

Skycasters experience - the best equipment gives the best service
The Skycasters indoor unit (IDU) is a single-box broadband satellite Internet modem with onboard TCP acceleration optimization and QoS (quality of service) capabilities, router and DNS (domain name service). The indoor unit is centrally managed from our NOC, which frees the user from hassles such as software updates. In fact, the IDU can also be managed remotely from the NOC for configuration changes, real-time monitoring and historical reporting.

We sleep less so you can sleep easier. Our 24/7 support staff routinely monitors modem performance around the clock, insuring the highest quality service available.

Full 3DES VPN Security

Skycasters satellite Internet technology provides more security than a typical broadband connection. Basic encryption through the space segment is standard for every Skycasters customer. For applications requiring end-to-end encryption, VPN equipmenttooltip security is easily accomplished with satellite Internet equipment and VSATtooltip Systems network.

Enforced Quality of Service (QoS)

Skycasters high speed satellite Internet access offers optional network-based QoS prioritization. QoS can be based on protocol type, source port number, destination port number, source IP address. This feature can also provide class-based queuing, which assigns a percentage of bandwidth to each class.

Your typical reseller cannot offer this type of QoS flexibility, as they only sell the “off the shelf” solution. At Skycasters, we can tailor the performance of your satellite solution to meet your specific needs. We can optimize the circuit for satellite Internet VoIPtooltip , VPN or even satellite Internet streaming video. Best of all, we can adjust your QoS prioritization at any time. Just call technical support 24/7 and we will be happy to make the changes immediately.

Committed Information Rate (CIR)tooltip

This may be the single most important factor to consider when comparing satellite Internet technology solutions. Other providers talk only about their “up-to” speeds, but make no promises about the speed you will actually receive. At Skycasters, we commit to the speeds we provide. For real comparison shopping, be sure to ask whether another provider is as committed to providing broadband speed as we are.

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