How Satellite Internet Works

How Satellite Internet Works
Satellite Internet is a system that moves IP data (Internet Protocol data) utilizing a satellite dish and commercial satellite to create a high speed digital link to the U.S. Internet backbonetooltip.

Also known as two way satellite Internet, it includes several key components: an indoor modem, a satellite dish at the customer’s location, a geostationary satellite 23,000 miles in space, the teleport and the network operations center (NOC), and, of course, the Internet.

See the two way satellite Internet diagram on the right:

How Fast Is Satellite Internet?

In a single word: fast. For Skycasters’ end-users, communication on a satellite connection is no different than one that is land-based, even though a round trip transmission to a satellite in space must travel 90,000 miles. Skycasters is able to do this by using the latest technology and by not oversubscribing its network, like other Internet Service Providers (ISPs) do.

Satellite Internet Works For You

The Skycasters satellite network is independent of local infrastructure, which can fail because of natural and man-made disasters.

With bandwidth on three premier geostationary satellites — E113WA, and T11N — Skycasters offers fast satellite Internet service virtually everywhere in the Western Hemisphere using VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) and Private IP networks at encryption levels that satisfy even the most-security conscious federal agencies.

And while other companies try to sell consumer-grade equipment to commercial users, all Skycasters Internet satellite equipment is business-grade. From the multiple uplink antennas at our Akron, Ohio NOC to the modems and VSAT dishes at customer locations, every component in the Skycasters network is made for business use.

Skycasters also provides the highest level of service to customers with live, in-house technical assistance that is available 24/7.

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