Look Angle Calculator for G28 and T11N

Where’s the Satellite? Satellite antenna pointing can be frustrating; can your installer or service technician point the dish in alignment with pretty good precision? What kind of look angle calculator will you be using?

The best precision is obtained with the iDirect® iSite Antenna Pointing tool, which your installer or service technician can download from the DishPointer website.

You can use the satellite Internet dish alignment dish pointers below to get an idea for your line of sight, but they cannot substitute for antenna pointing software.

Each look angle calculator has the following limitations:

  • They are designed to be used for orienting a TV satellite dish, which requires far less precision than a satellite broadband Internet connection. (TV dishes only receive. Internet dishes need to send data to a satellite 23,000 miles away. And a one degree error translates to 457 miles off target. Your email is going to outer space, not Chicago.)
  • They use True Azimuth. You want Magnetic Azimuth.

To use the DishPointer calculator, highlight “1520 S Arlington St, Akron” in the field at the top, and replace it with the site’s exact address, or latitude and longitude (GPS location). Then hit enter. If you don’t have a GPS device, but you do have web access, use Google maps, locate the site, right click and select “What’s Here?”, and the latitude and longitude will appear in the Google search string field.

The green line points from your location to the point where the geostationary satellites are above the equator. This is particularly useful for identifying potential line-of-sight issues. If the line is red, the software is saying, “You can’t see the satellite from that site.” Check your numbers, and try again.

Eutelsat (E113W) at 113 Degrees West Longitude

Location: Latitude: 41.0304° Longitude: -81.4920° Dish: Elevation: 32.7° Azimuth: 223.1° LNB skew: -8.4°

Telstar 11N (T11N) at 37.5 Degrees West Longitude

Location: Latitude: 41.0304° Longitude: -81.4920° Dish: Elevation: 25.0° Azimuth: 124.2° LNB skew: -38.6°


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