Turn-Key Flyaway Package

Skycasters FlyawayLooking for a fully self-contained portable satellite Internet solution that can be shipped virtually anywhere by common carrier? Look no further than the SkyPortable Flyaway. Compact and convenient, the .98m portable satellite modem system is designed to fit between the wheels of a full size pickup truck. And for those requiring even more performance, we offer a larger 1.2m model. Either one is easy to use: just remove the cover from the large case and level the base, open the front and rear of the small case, attach the color-coded wires from the electronics to the antenna mount, and push a button. That’s it. You’ve got the finest in broadband communications. All in under 10 minutes.

Standard Features

  • Large hard case for the antenna, mount and pointing system
  • Smaller hard case for the antenna controller, portable satellite modem, router and cables
  • Tools and instructions

Electronic/Satellite Antenna Packages

Skycasters Flyaway Case

  • C-Com iNetVu Auto-Deploy Antenna System (.98m and 1.2m available)
  • C-Com 7000 series controller
  • iDirect® X5 satellite modem
  • 3w or 6w BUC
  • Wireless broadband router

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