Announcing the 1.8-Meter MST

Skycasters Announces the 1.8-Meter Mobile Satellite Trailer (MST)

Exciting things are happening here at Skycasters. Today, we have the pleasure of making a major announcement to our current customers, prospects, and curious consumers.

Jerry Piland, head of Research and Development at Skycasters, has been spending a lot of time working on a new solution to address challenges we often see in the field. Inaccessible oil rigs, distant mining camps, telemedicine, and first responders to natural disasters often rely on satellite internet services. It is our mission to ensure they stay connected and online.

As such, the Mobile Satellite Trailer, or MST, is one of our most popular technologies. This durable dish on wheels can be attached to a trailer hitch and hauled just about anywhere for portable internet access. Typically, our MSTs have a 1.2-Meter antenna and on-board Wi-Fi adapters to help businesses in oil and gas communications and disaster recovery keep a connection when they need it most. However, it just might not be the best choice for some of the worst-case situations.

Today, we announce the 1.8-Meter MST which features a variety of improvements from our smaller model. With a larger dish, the 1.8 MST has a better chance of getting a clear connection on whichever satellite you’re using, even during heavy rain fades that might knock other customers out of the network. This trailer also has a host of other advancements, including:

  • An extended run gas tank system for a 2000-Watt Honda Generator.
  • Electronics insulated against harsh hot and cold weather conditions.
  • 1000 BTU, closed-loop air conditioner and 350-Watt, built-in heater.
  • Two axial fans mounted to provide maximum cooling to the server rack.
  • A removable aluminum frame with two polycarbonate lids provides quick, efficient, and safe access to the inner electronics whenever you need to get to them.
  • Additional storage space complete with fire extinguisher, tool bag, and LED light bags.
  • A portable and collapsible LED light pole can make the trailer easier to modify in the field.
  • A three-section Turtle Shell Cover with lockable latches protects the dish during transit.

While our other MSTs are certainly a feat of engineering, the 1.8 is truly a triumph! With the larger dish, customers can get increased throughput and CIR service levels during bad weather. Modifications like these are essential in some industries to keep the internet running during emergency conditions or on-site at remote mining camps.

One of the best things about this announcement is that all of the new bells and whistles available for the 1.8 MST are now available for the 1.2-Meter trailer. A more technical press release for the 1.8 MST can be found here. For more information, contact your sales representative, email us any time at, or simply call us at 1-800-268-8653 Monday through Friday 9:00 am – 6:00pm Eastern.

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