Communication Solutions For the Oil & Gas Industry

Akron, OH – April 5, 2019

We know the importance of a great connection. When you work in the oil, gas and mining industries you know that land-based communications are not always reliable or practical due to challenging conditions and changing locations. Skycasters’ reliable, remote communication solutions help your business stay connected, no matter where the job takes you.

Unlike other satellite Internet providers, our equipment is built for business. Everything in our infrastructure – from our teleports and hubs to the network operating center – is commercial-grade and company owned. Our equipment is designed to endure extreme conditions such as high winds, freezing temperatures, ocean storms and intense heat.

Our rugged fixed and mobile systems are built for remote areas and are easy to bring to any work site. They are designed for quick and easy deployment so that your team can do the work they are there to do. Depending on your needs it may be best to have some of your team become two-way certified, in which case Skycasters offers training classes.

In addition to our equipment being rugged and commercial-grade, Skycasters plans offer:

  • A guaranteed speed
  • Metered to offer uncongested, low-latency data transmission, which means when you need speed and performance, it will be there
  • A direct connection to the U.S. internet backbone
  • Flexible remote satellite Internet service plans

Our customers enjoy 99%+ reliability rates, but in the event of a technical error our 24/7 tech support and customer service is handled in-house by experts who can resolve any issue that may arise.

A reliable connection can help your business operations whether it’s connecting HQ or regional offices to rig sites or remotely monitoring drill sites. Don’t let poor communications keep your business from operating to its fullest potential. Call Skycasters today to learn how we can help you stay connected.



If internet connectivity is critical to your business, contact us today to learn more about our backup connections for business continuity. One of our dedicated team members will be happy to explain our plans and get you started today.