Don’t Let Hurricane Season Defeat You

Hurricane season is a time of dread for many people, with terrifying winds and waters assaulting homes, businesses, and public areas alike. Thankfully, due to calmer meteorological conditions, hurricane season started fairly late this year and has been relatively humble compared to initial forecasts. Hurricane Expert Dan Kottlowski explains, “A large area of high pressure over the central Atlantic has been very strong and very good at driving dry air southward into the tropics into September.” Experts fear, however, that this may lull unimpressed bystanders into a false sense of security.

Since the middle of September 2013, at least three major tropical storms have developed along the Atlantic coast and surrounding areas. While these storms may not last for as long as expected, the tradeoff is that a greater number of storms are developing. Likewise, the death toll has already reached double digits, which leads us to shy away from referring to this hurricane season as “unimpressive.”

Agnes, Andrew, Diane, Hazel, Katrina and Sandy were all single storms that caused unexpected levels of damage, and cautious observers refuse to believe that a similar event this year is impossible. Since Hazel and Sandy both occurred in late October, meteorologists have reason to believe that we are nearly in the clear as we approach Halloween. With such a mild hurricane season, there may be unused funds waiting in reserve. Instead of allowing this accumulated capital to expire – resulting in a smaller budget for next year – why not invest in future seasons and the year to come with a secondary internet connection for first responders?

Due to the unruly nature of natural disasters, being ready for any situation requires backup communication methods designed for optimal speed and connectivity. When a disaster strikes, Skycasters offers a reliable connection to the internet even when land lines and local power are damaged. Our technology is so dependable; that several state Homeland Security offices rely on our trailers for portable satellite service and disaster response.

Even when all forms of landline communication are unavailable, our satellite service will still work perfectly and is often cited as one of the greatest support assets to first responders repairing an area. Our rapid deployment systems can stand the test of weather and wear, remaining functional under extreme circumstances –making them the best option for first responders on the scene.

Are you prepared for the remainder of hurricane season? What procedures of emergency response do you rely on? Could your safety be improved with better disaster recovery techniques and equipment?


If internet connectivity is critical to your business, contact us today to learn more about our backup connections for business continuity. One of our dedicated team members will be happy to explain our plans and get you started today.