Goodwill Bank

Think of goodwill as something you put in a piggy bank.

Every new business contact is made with an empty piggy bank. The new contact knows nothing about you. You have no goodwill, no account to draw upon.

So you walk in the door. You’re groomed and dressed impeccably. You have all the credentials. You have a product offering that matches the customer’s needs.

Goodwill in the bank.

You get the sale. You deliver the product. It’s what the customer was expecting, and it works from day one.

More goodwill. In the bank.

Every contact a positive one, every contact an opportunity to reinforce that the customer’s decision was the correct one. Review the web site. First contact. Sales call. Customer Care. Installation Team. Every step handled professionally. Every step of the way, making deposits in the goodwill bank, saving for a rainy day.

Of course, if there’s a problem, that may result in a withdrawal from the goodwill bank. Unmet expectations, that’s another withdrawal. But it’s not all bad news. If there’s a problem, and you handle it well, that may count as a deposit as well.

Here’s the upshot. If you have a positive balance in your goodwill account when a problem occurs, you will be given the benefit of the doubt, and an opportunity to make it right. If you don’t have any goodwill, the customer will leave.

Plain and simple, and true any business.

The kicker for us is the technological complexity of the service that we provide means that there are more potential pitfalls and ways it can breakdown. (“Yes, Virginia, this really is rocket science”). What that means for us is that we must be constantly mindful our goodwill account with each customer, and take every opportunity to top it off. Every interaction with our customers must delight them.

True for every business, but especially for ours…


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