How Quickly Can I Get that MST?

Here’s a common question I love.  Partly because it implies an interest to engage with Skycasters now — linking their application (SCADA, VoIP, RoIP, video surveillance etc) using broadband satellite Internet.

But also because it’s a leading question.  Crush is on.  Your signed order today beats the other firm’s signed order tomorrow.  These aren’t burgers. We’ll wind up our production just as fast as you’ll find anywhere in the world.  We’ll order the trailer the moment we order the auto-pointing dish, and the whole unit should be shipped from our facility within five weeks.

Delivery to your door depends on shipping.  Overseas will depend mode — surface or air; and customs.  Your ability to partner through expediting the processes beyond our control makes your acquisition of our Mobile Satellite Trailer that much faster.

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