It’s Getting Cold in Akron


Well, winter’s coming. No doubt about it. It hasn’t snowed yet here in Akron, but the frost was thick on the car windshield this morning. It’s only a matter of time, I suppose.

Here at Skycasters, the arrival of frigid temperatures can mean only one thing – time for preventative maintenance!

Two weeks ago, we tested the heater systems on our three main uplink antennas. The heaters are necessary to melt snow and keep it from accumulating on the dish. Snow would block the transmission of the RF waves, which would be bad for everyone.

The heater system we employ is highly redundant. Our system has a total of 63 separate heater/blower units. Each one is, essentially, a large, industrial-strength hair dryer. During our fall maintenance checks, we found 4 of these blowers not functioning. It’s a fairly big job, but Mario and his mighty army completed the task in a few hours.

Yesterday, we tested our generator systems. For eight hours, we operated on backup power. I am pleased to report that we encountered no issues with either of our main generators. Next week, we will be getting a shipment of fresh fuel, complete with the required anti-gel and stabilizing additives.

We also did a major service/overhaul on our main UPS. The voltage spike that we received a couple of months back (thank you Ohio Edison), damaged two of the MOV boards in the UPS. These boards were changed out. We have also installed voltage spike siphons on our main service panels. We have also ordered a heavy duty in-line surge suppressor that’s rated to 400,000 volts. It will be installed in a couple of weeks, between the utility service and the generator transfer switch.

There are a few more things that we have planned to get the Teleport into shape before winter, but those are the big projects.

If this story has put you considering PM for your Skycasters satellite system, we can help. Give us a call, 330-785-2100, and talk to our customer care department. They can set you up with a Satassurance Protection plan that includes a free annual PM visit.

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