Happy Halloween 2009!

Skycasters toasts the changing season! The leaves have changed, snow is flying across the northern plains, and the chill in the air heralds no more installer training in Akron until Spring.

765 kV: Broadband for Electricity

Billionaire T. Boone Pickens recently scaled back his plan for massive wind farms – though he’s still taking delivery on those 667 wind turbines he has on order. One of the reasons he gave for the change, besides the price of oil, was transmission problems. High capacity transmission is simply not available. The coasts consume […]

Goodwill Bank

Think of goodwill as something you put in a piggy bank. Every new business contact is made with an empty piggy bank. The new contact knows nothing about you. You have no goodwill, no account to draw upon. So you walk in the door. You’re groomed and dressed impeccably. You have all the credentials. You […]

Mostly Vegetarian

I was at a family reunion over Labor Day weekend, and my cousin Beth (who’s been vegetarian for as long as I can remember), asked my wife and me about our relatively recent conversion (February 2008). My wife had no trouble tracing her inspiration to the book “Skinny Bitch” and its stories of animal cruelty. […]

Sh!t Happens

And ain’t that the truth! No matter your industry, no matter your plans, sometimes that Murphy guy gets the best of you. We’ve all been there. It’s just a matter of how you respond. Goodwill gets a good workout when problems occur – it’s true in any business.

The Complaints Window is Open

I saw a Nationwide Insurance commercial recently in which the visually impaired employee named Michael Piccerello expressed in 30 seconds a concept covered in one of my favorite B books: Janelle Barlow’s “A Complaint is a Gift.” When a customer takes the time to complain, they are really giving you a gift – a gift […]

They Must have Switched to Ku Band

Bird bath. Gazebo roof. Flying disc. Solar oven. “Reduce, reuse, recycle” taken to extremes can mean some really wicked ideas for satellite dishes. Especially the C-Band dishes and the big TV dishes that were so popular in the 1970s. My wife and I were visiting Kelley’s Island, Ohio, a couple weeks ago (those glacial gouges […]

¡Viva Honduras! The rejection of tyranny and the reestablishment of democracy.

Skycasters’ customers, and other citizens in Honduras, woke on 28 June 2009, to a series of events that on the surface sounds awfully familiar: The military removes the democratically-elected president, and hands the power to an official the military deems more capable. But there’s more to this story. The world press has identified that

China Plans Better than We Do

I was watching Discovery Channel’s “Ted Koppel goes to China,” and an interesting point came up about the benefits of a one-party political system. I am not advocating communism or anything – far from it.  I love my country, warts and all, and I still believe that there is no better place to live on […]

Call for Partners – Skycasters wants to work with you!

Skycasters is looking for technology and business partners.  We provide IP connectivity to some of the most remote and inaccessible places on earth, and we provide backup solutions for businesses of all sizes.  We want to partner with complementary organizations that have expertise that is beyond our core, or those that need Skycasters’ services to […]


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