They Must have Switched to Ku Band

Bird bath. Gazebo roof. Flying disc. Solar oven. “Reduce, reuse, recycle” taken to extremes can mean some really wicked ideas for satellite dishes. Especially the C-Band dishes and the big TV dishes that were so popular in the 1970s. My wife and I were visiting Kelley’s Island, Ohio, a couple weeks ago (those glacial gouges […]

¡Viva Honduras! The rejection of tyranny and the reestablishment of democracy.

Skycasters’ customers, and other citizens in Honduras, woke on 28 June 2009, to a series of events that on the surface sounds awfully familiar: The military removes the democratically-elected president, and hands the power to an official the military deems more capable. But there’s more to this story. The world press has identified that

China Plans Better than We Do

I was watching Discovery Channel’s “Ted Koppel goes to China,” and an interesting point came up about the benefits of a one-party political system. I am not advocating communism or anything – far from it.  I love my country, warts and all, and I still believe that there is no better place to live on […]

Call for Partners – Skycasters wants to work with you!

Skycasters is looking for technology and business partners.  We provide IP connectivity to some of the most remote and inaccessible places on earth, and we provide backup solutions for businesses of all sizes.  We want to partner with complementary organizations that have expertise that is beyond our core, or those that need Skycasters’ services to […]

Skycasters Rule #1. We won’t oversubscribe our network. Period.

In order to provide quality broadband via satellite, you need a few things. First, you need a superior Teleport facility, complete with earth stations and satellite hubs, a state of the art data center and network operations center, as well as the professional engineers and operators that make it all work. Next, you need to […]

With Great Respect to Randall Stephenson and AT&T

Wow.  I just saw the new AT&T commercial (Investing in America) for the first time last night.  If you haven’t seen it, you can watch it here:

Skycasters Assists Marketing Students through AdWords

Skycasters is helping the Bowling Green State University marketing class team (FalcoLytics) learn online marketing (read our press release). A BGSU grad myself, and a member of their Marketing Advisory Council since 1997, I’m inviting the three BGSU team leads to post their strategies, powerpoints, and exams (findings & analyses) to this blog entry. That way you (interested in premier broadband […]

Stimulus This! – Skycasters Innovation Credit

We all understand that satellite-based broadband has some distinct advantages over terrestrial connections for certain applications. In addition to being a true diverse path option (our infrastructure is safely 23,000 miles in space, not strung along telephone poles), we have the advantage of being able to deploy practically anywhere. Moreover, Skycasters is truly a broadband service. […]

Earth Hour: A small step towards saving our planet

Short blog entry for today, but I want to take the opportunity to spread the word about  Earth Hour.  Here’s the deal.  Next Saturday, March 28th, at 8:30 pm local time, turn your lights off.  At my house we’re going to go a bit further – we’re going to turn everything off – and we’re […]

09-08: Our current “Economic Crisis” is largely a state of mind, and we can overcome it by working together.

It doesn’t matter if you voted for Obama or not. That is in the past. He is our leader now, and as citizens we owe him our support. I am not suggesting blind, lemming-like following, free of criticism or healthy debate. All I am saying is that if we don’t all act together, we may […]


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