Skycasters Capability Brochure Wins Silver!

The Skycasters’ Capability marketing brochure created by GMD Creative Group and printed by AGS Custom Graphics, Inc. took silver on Tuesday, April 23rd in the category for “Corporate Communications Four Colors or More”. The award was presented by The Printing Industries of Ohio and Northern Kentucky. Congratulations to our advertisers and printers!

Skycasters puts Confidence in Indiana Department of Homeland Security

Fifteen minutes. That’s all it took for the Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS) to get up and running on the ground in southern Indiana on the evening of March 2. Earlier that day, tornadoes had ripped through the area, causing widespread devastation, property loss and crippling communications failures. IDHS rolled into the small town […]

Use Satellite Internet to Optimize SCADA and Smart Grids Operations

Today’s advanced monitoring technologies allow business, industry, and government to control remote site operations from a centralized location using broadband Internet. These systems require consistent download and upload speeds to provide the information needed to ensure proper functioning. But when the Internet connection is lost, service is interrupted, which can disrupt functions and compromise safety. […]

SOHO blurs the line between home and office

Many of us associate SOHO with the hip area of New York City known for the latest trends in art and food. But in the world of business, SOHO stands for small office/home office and it’s a trend in home-based businesses that in some parts of the world is even known as s lifestyle. Take […]

Rely on Skycasters. Kentucky Does.

In January 2009, the state of Kentucky was hit by a devastating storm that crippled the state’s communications infrastructure for weeks. Trees and freezing rain damaged power lines and resulted in the state’s largest power outage on record. According to Drew Chandler the IT Communicatiions Manager with The Kentucky Department for Public Health, the loss […]

Satellite 2013 Conference in Washington D.C.

Skycasters sales and marketing team have converged together this week to attend Satellite 2013 conference and tradeshow in Washington D.C.! At this show we have the opportunity to meet with thousands of communications professionals and explore all of the next generation products and technology in the satellite community. After talking with these experts, leaders and […]

Tops Things You Must Know For Satellite Internet Installation

Because the FCC routinely interviews employees to ensure regulation compliance, and will shut down satellite Internet service providers that do not exhibit regulation compliance and RF safety procedures, there are certain things that you must know prior to installation or maintenance of communication equipment. Read on to learn the most important things you must know […]

2013 Spring Sun Interference has ended!

We have surpassed the time of year when our teleport and our customers experienced a

Skycasters Mobile Satellite Trailer is staying comfortable in February…

Skycasters newly developed air-conditioned electronics box has been doing its job in keeping our Mobile Satellite Trailer comfortable during the month of February. Testing of our innovative system began this month, and is demonstrating an ambient temperature of 120 degrees with, a surface temperature of 160 degrees. All the while, the electronics box is at a […]

What to Include in a COOP

All these recent natural disasters may have you thinking about disaster planning. We can all learn a great deal from these occurrences. Having an active COOP—or continuity of operations plan will help you allow you to forestall your response to any interruption of operations, whether a manmade or weather disaster or just a minor disturbance […]


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