Tops Things You Must Know For Satellite Internet Installation

Because the FCC routinely interviews employees to ensure regulation compliance, and will shut down satellite Internet service providers that do not exhibit regulation compliance and RF safety procedures, there are certain things that you must know prior to installation or maintenance of communication equipment. Read on to learn the most important things you must know […]

2013 Spring Sun Interference has ended!

We have surpassed the time of year when our teleport and our customers experienced a

Skycasters Mobile Satellite Trailer is staying comfortable in February…

Skycasters newly developed air-conditioned electronics box has been doing its job in keeping our Mobile Satellite Trailer comfortable during the month of February. Testing of our innovative system began this month, and is demonstrating an ambient temperature of 120 degrees with, a surface temperature of 160 degrees. All the while, the electronics box is at a […]

What to Include in a COOP

All these recent natural disasters may have you thinking about disaster planning. We can all learn a great deal from these occurrences. Having an active COOP—or continuity of operations plan will help you allow you to forestall your response to any interruption of operations, whether a manmade or weather disaster or just a minor disturbance […]

How Satellite Internet Works

Satellite Internet, at its most basic, is just a system that moves Internet protocol data or IP data using a satellite dish and commercial satellites. This allows you to connect into the US Internet systems at a very high speed. As a business, you might have heard of the benefits of using satellite Internet. For […]

Five Reasons that Prove Satellite Internet is the Best for doing Business

Whether you’re a small business found in the middle of nowhere or you’re working for a big company, anyone can do business anywhere because the Internet allows customers to stay connected no matter where you are! But this connection will only work if you have a trustworthy Internet connection. You could lose your connection for […]

How to Choose the Right Satellite Internet Service Provider (ISP) for Your Business

When choosing a satellite Internet service provider, (ISP) it is important to keep in mind that they are not all alike. ISPs differ in the coverage they provide, the services they offer, and their reliability rates. Read on for tips on choosing the right ISP for your business… Fast Speeds Performance may be the single […]

Skycasters to Showcase Latest in Satellite Internet Technology at Columbus Advanced Energy B2B Conference

Skycasters, the industry leader in broadband satellite Internet solutions, will be one of 120+ exhibitors at Ohio’s first statewide Advanced Energy B2B Conference & Expo in Columbus, Ohio, Oct. 30-31. The event is expected to draw more than 700 attendees and is the first event of its kind to connect and support efforts to grow […]

Skycasters Upgrades to the iDirect Evolution x3 and x5 Modem

Exciting times ahead! The world of technology is constantly changing with innovations in the industry and improvements to existing systems. These innovations benefit our customers by providing better performance over a wider range of conditions. Skycasters is committed to working with suppliers that make innovation a priority. One of our most important suppliers is iDirect, […]

Skycasters Continues Antenna Construction

Growth in technological infrastructure is essential for businesses that want to stay competitive in their industry. Investments in technology can allow companies to conduct business more efficiently, and provide better service for their customers. Skycasters is continuously working to improve our infrastructure, from upgrading our networks to expanding our satellite fleet. We started constructing another […]


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