Skycasters to Showcase Latest in Satellite Internet Technology at Columbus Advanced Energy B2B Conference

Skycasters, the industry leader in broadband satellite Internet solutions, will be one of 120+ exhibitors at Ohio’s first statewide Advanced Energy B2B Conference & Expo in Columbus, Ohio, Oct. 30-31. The event is expected to draw more than 700 attendees and is the first event of its kind to connect and support efforts to grow […]

Skycasters Upgrades to the iDirect Evolution x3 and x5 Modem

Exciting times ahead! The world of technology is constantly changing with innovations in the industry and improvements to existing systems. These innovations benefit our customers by providing better performance over a wider range of conditions. Skycasters is committed to working with suppliers that make innovation a priority. One of our most important suppliers is iDirect, […]

Skycasters Continues Antenna Construction

Growth in technological infrastructure is essential for businesses that want to stay competitive in their industry. Investments in technology can allow companies to conduct business more efficiently, and provide better service for their customers. Skycasters is continuously working to improve our infrastructure, from upgrading our networks to expanding our satellite fleet. We started constructing another […]

Skycasters Aids the 75th Annual All-American Soap Box Derby

The All-American Soap Box Derby has been an Akron tradition for the past 75 years. Children and teenagers from all over the country head to Derby Downs every year to participate in gravity-powered racing. Engineless, homemade cars raced down the great hill at Derby Downs on July 21 for the world championships, as proud parents […]

Skycasters Expands Capacity on G-28 Satellite

One of the most important components of satellite Internet is obviously the satellite. Without these beautiful pieces of technology we would not be able to provide communications to remote areas, or send information when terrestrial infrastructure is damaged. We utilize three geostationary satellites to power our services: T11N, AMC-1, and G-28.  Most satellite Internet service […]

Hope For Businesses Despite Summer Storms

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of the Mid-Atlantic and the South who have lost their homes and their lives due to the recent summer storms. The recent storms in late June and early July violently ravaged towns, damaged schools, and leveled houses.

Teleport Expansion Project, Part V

Our teleport expansion project has hit a major milestone, as we have erected our new 8.1m uplink antenna (Antenna 4). This new antenna has significantly higher gain than our existing 6.3m antennas, and will add additional reliability and redundancy to our expanding satellite Internet teleport infrastructure.

Update on iDX upgrade, iDirect software bug

As you are aware, we have been engaged with iDirect over the last several months on a project to upgrade one of our primary network operating systems from iDS 7.0.7 to iDX 2.1.3. About a month ago, we were able to identify a bug in iDirect’s remote side software that prevents Infinity remotes from acquiring […]

Teleport Expansion Project, Part IV

Our teleport expansion project continues to move steadily forward.  I was at a trade show for a couple of days, and returned to find significant progress continued in my absence. Galaxy 4000 UPS Our newest UPS System is a Galaxy 4000 made by MGE (same parent company that makes the APC home units you might […]

Teleport Expansion Update, Part III

Big things have been happening here over the past week. A lot of the highly visible parts of this project are coming together. We have taken delivery of the majority of the components of the new antenna, and assembly is underway.


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