Stimulus This! – Skycasters Innovation Credit

We all understand that satellite-based broadband has some distinct advantages over terrestrial connections for certain applications. In addition to being a true diverse path option (our infrastructure is safely 23,000 miles in space, not strung along telephone poles), we have the advantage of being able to deploy practically anywhere.

Moreover, Skycasters is truly a broadband service. We can deliver the type of high speed, low latency connection that is vital for conducting the business of the 21st century (and the business of rebuilding this Nation).

I was reading Mark Cuban’s blog the other day, where he describes his idea for improving our Nation by providing seed capital for “any good business idea worth doing.” And it got me thinking… I am sure that as a self-described capitalist, Mark would like to actually fund some ideas and have them bear fruit – and I hope for his sake some of them do.

However, it would be just as beneficial to the Nation as a whole, if Mark’s Blog only served to awaken the latent entrepreneur in all of us. The get off the couch, pick yourself up by the bootstraps, go make something of yourself attitude that built this great Nation – small businesses, hard workers, risk takers, dreamers. As a Nation, we need to encourage this spirit, because it forms the backbone of our future. Therefore, I would like to build on Mark’s idea.

Here’s our proposal: If your company is doing something valuable for rebuilding our economy or our environment, and you require true broadband connectivity to do it, contact us. If there’s a good partnership fit, we’ll give you an “Innovation Credit” to use against the cost of the equipment at your location, up to $999. (The price of our standard hardware).

If we are going to rebuild this Nation, it will take all of us working together – so let’s get busy.


If internet connectivity is critical to your business, contact us today to learn more about our backup connections for business continuity. One of our dedicated team members will be happy to explain our plans and get you started today.