Satellite 2011 FAQ: Can We … ?

Reporting from the floor of Satellite 2011 here.  Frequent questions we’re getting from conference attendees are can we:

  • put multiple manufacturers’ antennas on our Mobile Satellite Trailer
  • provide service outside the USA
  • put a 1.8 meter antenna on the MST
  • support high bandwidth

So many questions.

1.  We’re willing to work with you.  If your application requires a dish from another manufacturer, we’ll make sure it is compatible with our teleport, and figure out how to meet your needs.

2.  Our teleport provides service to customers through the US, Canada, Central America and the Caribbean.  We’re willing to sell equipment we manufacture ourselves, such as the MST and the Nomad Az/El cap, anywhere in the world.  Give us a call.

3.  We do provide our MST with a 1.8 meter dish.  No problem!

4. While we can’t do gigabytes of data bandwidth per second, our committed information rates will help you get there faster than other carriers who don’t guarantee bandwidth.  So for VoIP, RoIP, video surveillance, cellular backhaul and other communications applications, you’ll have the access to assured bandwidth that will help you get access when you need it.

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