SATELLITE 2014 Conference

Thousands convened at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington D.C. for the SATELLITE 2014 Conference. Spanning March 10–13, the premier annual event provided unmatched networking opportunities for its attendees, which included a mix of executives, military officials, network engineers, and broadcasters from around the globe.

Representing Skycasters in the crowd of satellite communication professionals were Richard McKinney and James Anderson from the Sales team, who teamed up with Senior Network Engineer, Kelly Olsen.

“The first day of SATTELLITE 2014 was overwhelming,” Anderson said, in response to the large scale of the event.

After settling in, McKinney and Anderson began Day 2 with the goal of seeking out companies that want to partner with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) with the intent of expanding Skycasters’ sales avenues. The entire team also had the opportunity to link up with a few existing partners along the way.

As one of the biggest shows of the year, it’s not just about finding business. Skycasters is always looking to help provide solutions for customers and businesses frustrated with their traditional communications failing. The company offers a variety of satellite services for disaster recovery, the oil and gas industry, and other scenarios where the options are rather limited. The show also gives Skycasters personnel a chance to interact with the companies like iDirect which we rely on to keep our technology delivering high-quality internet service.

“We were able to meet with iDirect to discuss upcoming products and services. We also spoke with people from Telesat and IsoTropic Networks.”

Telesat, owner and operator of a communications satellite used by Skycasters, shared how there will soon be a way to extend the life of satellites by sending manned space flights to repair and possibly re-fuel older units. This would be extremely helpful to ISPs in maintaining cost-effective services for customers. Announcements like these are one of the biggest reasons we like to attend these shows.

The conference introduced new technology that will help Skycasters become even more efficient. Although still a way off from mainstream availability, the team learned of some exciting advances regarding the transmission of data compression (excluding video). This would improve bandwidth and maximize “actual” throughput by helping to isolate it from compressed data amounts.

Skycasters will continue striving to be a leading provider of broadband satellite Internet. Our people are always seeking out the newest and most reliable innovations in the industry. Events such as SATELLITE 2014 provide excellent opportunities for establishing and maintaining this standard.

“It was interesting to see various solutions, so when a customer comes to us with something out of the ordinary we have the resources to solve the problem by using different reflectors, bigger BUCs or other equipment, Anderson said.


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