Skycasters Aids the 75th Annual All-American Soap Box Derby

The All-American Soap Box Derby has been an Akron tradition for the past 75 years. Children and teenagers from all over the country head to Derby Downs every year to participate in gravity-powered racing. Engineless, homemade cars raced down the great hill at Derby Downs on July 21 for the world championships, as proud parents and friends cheered on the racers.

In order to expand the reach of this event, the AASBD wanted to provide live streaming video of the event. As no terrestrial connectivity is available at the site, race organizers turned to satellite. As a proud member of the Akron business community, Skycasters was more than happy to answer the call.

On a cold and rainy Thursday afternoon we hauled our mobile satellite trailer to Derby Downs. However, the weather did not stop us from setting up the equipment, and the satellite dish was still able to pick up a signal. On Saturday, race day, the weather was beautiful, and the mobile satellite trailer served its purpose by providing Internet access to spectators and participants. The All-American Soap Box Derby was also able to provide a live webcast of all the races. Because of satellite Internet video streaming, people all over the world who could not make it to the event tuned in to watch the races. Skycasters is committed to providing high-quality, low latency satellite Internet. These characteristics made the live webcast a success, as users commented that the live video footage was smooth and jitter free. This is the second year in a row we have provided this service, and Skycasters is honored to be a part of this great American tradition.American Soapbox Derby



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